Just A Chill Night

I’ve decided that work sucks.  I’m not enjoying this new job. The company is great, but the place just isn’t busy enough for me.  I have to stay moving, stay busy all the time and this place is going to kill me with boredom.  Unlike my last job, where we never had time to think, this place is like the dead zone of home improvement retail. I have no clear idea how they are staying in business or packing that much inventory on the basis of how many customers they are drawing in to the place.  It baffles me.  But for not it’s a job, and I need it, so I’ll suffer though the boredom until I can’t stand it and quit.  I really need to just go back to work for myself…God, summer cannot come fast enough.  Once heating season is behind me so is this job if it stays this way.

I came home tonight and ate chicken and ciabatta bread sandwiches for dinner, and got cleaned up, into comfy clothes and am laying on my bed listening to tunes on my iPod and just spacing out tonight.  I think my brain is tired. Music is the only thing I want to hear in my ears at the moment.  I am sore from laughing too.  And I can’t help but recall conversations today and just bust out laughing.  Yeah, I had a really good day today – even though it started out a little late and confusing, it’s all good now and all is right in the world.  I’m smiling, that’s what counts.  I will definitely make myself get UP next time, so I don’t fall back to sleep after hitting snooze.

Nola is snoozing softly beside me on her pillow…I’m comfortable, and chill tonight…it’s almost perfect.


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  1. I had to chuckle reading your post, I was just thinking the same damn thing about my job and much for the very same reasons.

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