I’m trying to pull myself out of a slight funk here.  I skipped out on work yesterday, just couldn’t face going in and wanted to just stay home and have some solitary time.  Today I have to go in mid-afternoon, so I am going to get myself to my barber, Johnny, and get my hair edged out.  There’s nothing like a fresh hair cut to bring my spirits up.

I woke up with a migraine headache in the middle of the night, something I suffer from on occasion and hate very much.  Finally I got up and took medication for it at around 6 am and laid back down to shut my eyes.  Light bothers my migraines so I have to keep my eyes closed until it goes away.  The med worked…I use Excedrin Migraine OTC stuff, and it works better than the prescription Maxalt that the doctor prescribes for me.  Anyway, the headache is now gone and I actually feel pretty lively today, better than yesterday for sure.

I’ve written three long blogs in the last couple of days, but I can’t really publicly post them.  My thought processes have been a bit different lately, I’ve been in some very deep thought about things, especially concerning people in my life and relationships I’ve had.  I think I am going through some kind of shift in things.  Tough topics for sure, but I need to write my thoughts on them, it’s my therapy in a very real sense..

…I got my hair lined out (edged out I sometimes call it) and it feels great to not be shaggy once again.  I’ve been letting my hair, what little I have, to grow out a bit, slowly so it doesn’t look too ragged in between cuts.  I would like to grow it a lot more, but I am addicted to my trips to the barbershop…I keep it at about a 3 on top during the summer, but with winter coming I’m trying to let it grow…which is hard when you start with the basic crew cut.  I suppose if I wear a hat for 6 months I’ll get it back to a couple of inches long again. Then I can wear it a bit like I used to, a touch longer, but not over my ears.   I can get to that shaggy dog looking point pretty fast, and that bugs the crap out of me.

The Boston Barber’s shop has become a place that I just love to go and hang out, get a cut, talk to the guys and play a game of pool here and there.  It’s an awesome social experience.  I’ve become quite good friends with my barber, Johnny, he’s an awesome guy.  We shoot the shit about everything from local politics, to girls, travel experiences and work stuff.  I’m still planning to go to barbering school in February so I get alot of good advice and information from him as well about that.  He’s pretty excited that I am going to do the barbering thing, so am I really.

The election yesterday here was a total disaster.  The asshole that is our governor got reelected some fucking how.  It’s because we have this 3rd party candidates that steal the votes from the Democratic Party, then we lose by stupid little amounts to the idiot Republicans.  Across our country Republicans seemed to rule yesterday, and I just don’t get why.  They’ve had this country locked up for the last few years, unable to move or do anything politically, and then they win yesterday?  I just don’t get it.  I think people are so burned out on politics that they’re not turning out to vote or something.  Anyway, the next 2 years ought to be rough for the White House, as well as anyone in Maine that LaPage thinks is unworthy…he’s such an arrogant creep.

Finally I am getting around to downloading the music I wanted for this month.  There were several new country songs that I wanted, and after watching the Country Music Awards last night I figured it was time to get ‘er dun.  I still use iTunes…although I know there are other music vendors, I have my iTouch and us that for my mobile music player.  I know my phone must be able to hold music too, but it’s not an iPhone and I an not sure if you can install iTunes on an Android phone….hmmm…I must figure this out, as it would be nice to have just the one device for phone, pictures and music all in one without having to have an iPhone – which I refuse to buy because of the unbelievable price.

Music soothes me so.  My favorite song right now is Burning it Down by Parmalee still, I just love that song.

It’s hump day….happy hump day to all.  Peace.  ~MB~




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