The Lost Post…

I recently wrote a long post about my new clothing escapade and it was somehow swallowed by WordPress in to the abyss where those posts go….gone.

Let me recap the post here…

Basically I had decided that I needed some new clothes…some that only I had worn on my body, not my normal thift shop finds – which are quite good here as we have like 6 big thrift stores in close proximity.  But I wanted things like new boxer briefs…which you just don’t buy second hand in my opinion anyways.  So I headed out to Aeropostale with my friend S.  But I decided to stop at Marshalls on the way – hey name brand stuff at below wholesale prices, you can’t beat it.

I did find some Lucky brand jeans – unusual to find anywhere but at the Lucky outlet – and I decided to try them on.  All was fine until I tried to go into the dreaded, foreboding changing room area.  Of course, we all know a masculine of center Butch has a difficult time navigating rooms labeled “Women” and “Men”…it’s just a fact of Butch life.  Some look more one than the other, like me, I look more like a guy most of the time to those who don’t know me.  As I started to veer toward the women’s dressing room the gender police jumped out from behind her station and directed me toward the men’s area.  I just took it in stride, never missed a step and went in.  Luckily they are just cubicles with doors, so you have a private area anyways.  Why they need to be separated I have no idea. At Aeropostale they’re all together, no separation of genders when trying on clothing.  Unisex.  As it should be.

All was well until I came out and my friend decided to shock the gender policing clerk by telling her I am a woman.  The poor lady was shocked and embarassed, as was I.  I’m sure my ears turned bright red.  I don’t care about being misgendered.  It happens to me so often that I am used to it.  Perhaps that is bad in some peoples’ views, but it’s just a non-issue with me.  All I wanted to do was make sure those Lucky Jeans, at $100 a pair, fit my ass right because they were marked down to $25 and I wanted them.  Let me assure you they did fit and I love them.  Lucky for me!  (pun intended)

After a stop at Aeropostale my fall wardrobe is complete except for some new hooded sweatshirts.  I am still wearing last season’s sweatshirts, so I have to work on that one.  I’ve definitely found that my clothing fits alot better since my surgery, which I am incredibly happy about.  Finally medium shirts fit like medium shirts, and I don’t have to buy the over-sized larger crap any more. I only wish I were 4” taller!  Ha!

I been drinking this new coffee that I found in my K-cups…it’s called Black Tiger and it’s got one potent caffeine kick to it.  I finally had to give up drinking it this morning, my heart started to race and it scared me a bit.  So I am back to the Columbian that I usually drink.  Coffee is a strange substance, and probably one that I need to give up at some point along with the nicotine that I combine with it daily.  But life is meant to be lived, and this is the way I choose to live mine for now.

It’s once again time for blood to be drawn and tested.  While I tend to not let myself worry too much about the outcomes of my blood testing, I haven’t been as religious about taking my medications as of late, so it does cross my mind that my blood work may not come back as fantastically great as last time.  Last time was a record high on T-cells for me, and a record low on viral burden- which is really super good.  AND there’s a new once a day pill on the market for keeping HIV in check, it’s called Triumeq and has just gotten FDA approval here in the US.  I would go into detail here about what it contains, but that’s just medical hogwash to us all; all we care about is that it works and it’s easy to take.  I am currently on a four drug regimen, taking 5 pills a day to combat the T-cell eating virus in my blood.  Thus far it’s kept me healthy and relatively happy with how easy it is to take. So why do I miss doses?  Pure laziness.  I just forget.  That’s how often having HIV crosses my mind daily. I only remember that I have it when I have to take my medications, but the reminder is brutal at times.  Other than that I am healthy as a horse.  I will go today to have my blood drawn I believe.  It’s a good day for that.


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  1. When I try to comment using my i-pad, the WordPress app has a 50% chance of screwing it up. I hate when that happens. So I now only comment using my desk top…
    A few years ago I decided that even though I had been wearing Levi 501s all my adult life, something happened to the fit when they moved the factories to Mexico and Central America. I needed to find something else. After several long and humiliating trips to every store in NYC that carries jeans (Gap, American Eagle, Abercrombie, etc.) I found Lucky Brand (221) and have been happy every since. Too bad we don’t have an outlet – I wait for them to send me the 35% or 40% coupon and then I buy.
    I handle the dressing room problem by going up to some poor sales associate and saying “where can I try these on” and I let them deal with it.

  2. I’ve even been happy to find a couple of pairs either at the thrift store or at Marshalls – not sure if they have those everywhere though. I don’t know what is so special about Luckys but they do fit great! 🙂

  3. I went to a store ,one day, with my mom and I went to try on jeans and the gender police…lol guided me to the men’s s fitting room. I just went in and came out like nothing. I was not offended . I notice your sense of humor in the blogs you write and on YouTube. Entertaining.

  4. I hate it when the gender police on the changing rooms stop me going into the men’s changing room and force me to go up or down a floor and queue for the women’s changing rooms. I’ve never found a unisex changing room anywhere apart from the odd hiking clothing shop. I don’t have a problem using the women’s but they always put them so far away from the men’s department!

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