Snickers VS Turkey Sandwiches…a Theory

I shall never be able to look at a snickers bar or a turkey sandwich the same way again.  I think they are both ruined for me.  Yes, this idea came from a conversation with someone else, so it’s not really my own idea, but this is my take on it…and this may require some revision over time, as I see it fit.


Some people are like Snickers bars in your life.  They are good in the moment, satisfy a quick hunger, but they don’t fill you up or last very long in your system. And they are not good for you either.  They look good, taste good and are gone quickly, only to leave you wanting more.  They’ll rot your teeth and may even give you migraines.

Then some are like turkey sandwiches, they fill you up and stick around for a while to sustain your hunger and support your body.   Generally easy to make, easy to digest and good for you. Turkey sandwiches can even be a whole meal, and are very nutrient rich, even versatile with what toppings that can be added to them.  A good turkey sandwich is an excellent choice.

Then there is steak….lean, mean and definitely sustaining. But harder to process overall.  Harder to buy, harder to keep fresh and harder to cook to perfection, harder to chew and harder to swallow.  Steak is also a choking hazard if not chewed properly. And of course, too much red meat will kill you eventually.

I’ve had enough Snicker’s bars in my life.  And I admit that I do like them immensely, the quick fix of sugar and momentary satisfaction, but it’s so true that the feeling is only fleeting.  There are moments that Snicker’s is exactly what I need though.  Perhaps it’s a weakness in me.

I’ve had a couple of steaks as well.  I haven’t got alot to say about the steaks, other than I avoid them because of choking possibility, and their hard to keep properties – as well as the fact that they will kill me alot faster with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Turkey sandwiches…well maybe one…and that lasted me 14 years, which I consider excellent for a turkey sandwich’s longevity.  Had I not been neglected by that sandwich, and let a passing Snicker’s catch my attention, I may even still be there.  But even this consumer needs the turkey sandwich to continue to be enjoyable to keep me around.  I took great care with that sandwich, and for the most part the sandwich did sustain me well, I think it just got stale in the end.

Relationships with people are complicated like this.  It’s complicated being involved with me I know, from the dealing with my illness to understanding and accepting my history, I can be a handful I know.  But if I think about the women I have been involved with in my life I can put each of them into one of the 3 catagorys above.  I’ve had a couple of side dishes as well….those we won’t even go into descriptions of!  Except to say that side dishes are generally akin to Snickers bars when you already have the steak in front of you, and they will completely ruin your appetite!  And never sneak a snickers on a turkey sandwich, lest you be a fool.

I don’t think I will ever look at food again the same way….this is troublesome.  I’m also now going to stop consuming Snicker’s bars (the real ones) and switch to something more wholesome, like maybe granola bars.

I hope one day I can find a way to be someone else’s turkey sandwich.  I think I have been the Snickers lately…and it’s not a good feeling, nor is it something that I want to be myself. I have more to offer and need more myself than candy will take care of, but when you’re lonely and feeling like you just need something to satisfy you in the moment you got to admit that that Snickers sure does the trick.  It’s either that or a starvation diet and Netflix on the couch with the dog.


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