Saturday Ramble…

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I am going into the stupid Christmas slump.   I’ve felt it coming on for a couple of days now, I don’t know why…perhaps it’s loneliness, it was quite lonely putting up my Christmas tree all alone…not even sure why I got it out and put it up.  I […]

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LGBT Books in My Collection…

There’s an entire world of publishing dedicated to LGBT issues, many, many authors, books and resources. I was giving a list of books to someone special and it made me think about lesbian publishing and books that many of us read. Of course there are copious lists of hundreds of books by Cleis Press, Columbia, […]

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Leslie Feinberg: Ivan’s Tribute

As most know our community lost a warrior this last week in the passing of Leslie Feinberg, trans Butch lesbian author and activist.  Ivan Coyote wrote the best piece on Leslie’s passing, which you can read here. Ivan Coyote: Blue Not-so-stone Butch I can’t even put into words what Ivan managed to do so well […]

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Rainy Day Rambles

It’s raining again.  Of course it is, I am off of work today, so it just HAD to freaking rain.  It feels like that every day that I have had off this month, and that I have planned outdoor work activities around my house, it has decided to be a rainy day.  Today it’s just […]

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Long Work Weekend

Argh…I am working both today and tomorrow – BOTH weekend days – 9 hours a day.  This sucks, and it cuts into my time for things I would rather be doing, like talking to Mushy.  I hate when my schedule does this weird 9 hour crap, and although I have the following 3 days off, […]

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High Maintenance

I have a lot to get done today.  It’s raining and not a good day to finish my raking as I had planned, but I have a bunch of errands in town to get accomplished anyways.  Seems that I now have a home phone number that I was completely unaware of until I paid my […]

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