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Published in HerShe Magazine!

So I have returned to the working world..at least for the next 6-9 months (I love my summer freedom!) and my feet are killing me.  Working standing on solid concrete floors all day in work boots is trashing my feet to start, they’ll become accustomed, but the interim pain is horrible.  I just slathered both feet in Voltaren, swallowed extra morphine and 3 ibuprophens, I hope I can sleep!  I know, I have BABY feet, I do baby them and they’ve never seen bare ground…it’s a thing, I’m very protective of my feet since injuring them repelling in the Army.  If I wore sneakers they’d be twice as bad, so don’t even suggest it!  🙂

I came home tonight, made dinner for myself and turned on my computer for the first time in 2 days…yesterday was a wash…I discovered there was football on from 9:30 am to 10pm yesterday, so I was on the couch all day.  I played around texting with Mushy and after football I watched the remainder of the World Series game 5….so it’ was a sports immersion day for MainelyButch.  I couldn’t have been happier…well…maybe….but it was a pretty damned good day for any Butch from a television sports perspective anyway!  I even made some break and bake chocolate chip cookies – or as my buddy Suretta calls them, Butch Cookies.  Easy to cook, eat em while their hot.

So after turning on my computer and skimming through a hundred junk mails I came across an email saying my “Disappearing Butches” blog piece had been published on Toronto’s lesbian site HerShe Magazine.  This pleases me immensely as you might imagine.  I’m always pleased when one of my writings appears somewhere other than here, although my following here has grown and I thank you all my dear readers!

I’m so exhausted tonight that I brought my main laptop into the bedroom – which also has a brand new Vizio television set to replace the one I drunkenly smashed a couple of weeks ago – so that I could write a bit tonight, and work on two other pieces that I had written and not yet posted from a few days ago.  Work is going to get in the way of my writing, I can see that already, but I’ll just be staying up later and getting up earlier to make sure I continue to post.

Ok I am off to edit some other stuff and relax here.  I hope my feet are better by my 6am shift tomorrow morning!  Hey, at least it’s only my feet, other than that I feel terrific! 🙂  ~MB


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