Trust the Vibes

“Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.”

Q: Do you believe people give off a certain vibe?

I think that everyone has a certain vibe that they give off naturally to the world.  Then there are vibes that are given off in personal situations, that’s where I tend to listen to my gut instinct and go with what the little voice in my head says.  If the voice is loud I tend to listen closer, because that means that the vibe I am getting is louder as well.  Those vibes can be so foretelling of the future, or can be remnants of the past.  It just depends on the person and the situation.

I understand vibes as a part of the communication pathway between two people.  If I feel good about talking to you and you are responding well to me then the vibes I get are bound to be more positive and uplifting.  I will feel good about our interactions and will get good feelings from our conversations.  Those are positive, feel-good kinds of vibes.  These are the vibes and energies that I love.

If the communication is bad and I am getting the signals that it’s because the other person isn’t really engaging me then I may hear the little voice telling me that I am trying to talk to a brick wall, and one looks very stupid talking to inanimate objects.  Energy has to be expended in communicating – energy from both sources of the conversation.  One cannot have a conversation with oneself (although many of us try!) in truth.  It takes two to converse.  It takes two to make it work.  One person doing all the energy work is going to get really tired and frustrated, perhaps to the point of just ending the conversation.

Energy is important in all aspects of life.  Especially in relationships we have – all types of relationships from friendships to familial interactions, to attractions and romantic interests.  All relationships require energy to keep them healthy and working properly.  Vibes are that energy that we outwardly project to another person, and that person will pick up on the vibes/energy, often returning it in kind.  That is how we work; it’s how the human brain and heart work.

I’ve had some great experiences learning about positive vibes and some not so good ones with more negative or lackluster vibes. I thrive on the positive, I eat it up.  I love being around positive people; people who understand that there’s enough negativity in life and that bringing it into a friendship or a relationship is like punching holes in a good boat…it’s going to sink, no matter what. I try to give off only good, positive vibes and leave the negativity to the Miserable Mays of the world.  It’s pretty much just that simple with me.  If someone starts giving off bad vibes, and acting in negative ways it turns me off and with enough of it I will simply block that energy path completely. I hate to say I have very low tolerance for self-depreciation and the burden of negative thought that it carries.  I’d rather not have that stuff in my life and since it’s MY life I get to make that decision.

Positive energy is more than welcome.  I enjoy great conversations, and great people when they come into my life.  Sometimes even great people can have moments when they are down, and I do try to understand that and give some room for the person to come out of the funk.  If that funk lasts and lasts then while I may not “run” I certainly won’t be continuing to throw my conversation or energy their way for them to be only to be met with silence or negative nonsense.

Today I dealt with good, positive energy as well as a few bad vibes in the course of my day.  Hey, it’s real life and we all know that nothing is perfect.  And I don’t expect things to be wonderful all of the time, but I can certainly choose to have them be pretty damned good most of the time, or so I have discovered.  I’m still learning so much about life, even at 52 I find that things are ever evolving and moving forward in some way.  I enjoy learning, especially when it ups my happiness quotient by a few degrees.

The saying above that this blog started with, that energy doesn’t lie…this is so very true.  When you project bad energy it generally comes from somewhere inside of you that is bearing the truth with your actions and words.  And if you choose to look at things through a negative lens then negativity is what you will see and receive in response.  Even though I generally try to put positive spin on negative situations sometimes it just can’t be done, and I’ve resolved myself to just accepting that fact.

Peace!  ~MB~


3 thoughts on “Trust the Vibes

  1. georgiakevin says:

    I had never thought of the vibes people give off or rather not much until I read your post. As you explain it it makes sense.Another word for vibes is aura i think. You are right so right!


  2. Wow! Serendipity! Energy – positve, negative, vibes, and how they make me feel – what I’ve been contemplating recently. Because those feelings lead me to choice making, some easy even fun, some not so, but the bottom line is I enjoy feeling happy and upbeat, and I’m very sensitive to energy vibes. Thanks for this share, MB!
    I think that as long as I am taking breath I will be learning…


  3. I feel vibes from people. I guess everyone feels vibes, too. Nothing is perfect, we receive good and bad vibes I would say daily. When dealing with the world, we all pick up vibes , good and bad.


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