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Back to Work

My first week of work is over, I have a luxurious 3 day weekend!  It’s probably the last one of those I will have for a while, so I intend to relax and enjoy it !  I don’t have any big plans, just to do some work around the Cave here and to clean my vehicle for the first time since I have owned it…yeah, it needs a bath and a quick vacuum.  I’m not real great at doing that, but I do tend to keep it picked up inside pretty good.  I know I hate when I am in someone else’s vehicle and it’s full of kid trash or smells of food wrappers and spilled drinks…so I tend to remember that and try to keep mine kid free and clean! ha!  That’s not such a problem now that all the kids in my life are older and less apt to be slinging McDonald’s around the backseat or spilling a sippy cup of milk on my floor mats to start smelling 2 days later…

So work went well. The atmosphere, as I have said previously, is a lot better than my last job’s atmosphere. The people are more friendly and professional, as well as more apt to be team players.  I think I am going to fit in and enjoy this work space very much as I get used to the hours.  My legs and feet hurt some bad after standing on those concrete floors all day though.  Of course I am not in shape like I was either, but that will come.  My body tends to rebound pretty quickly and I have no problem adjusting to more physically challenging situations given a little time.  Concrete floors are always hard on the human body; they have no “give” at all and the impact of walking fast and moving around alot on them can cause back pain and leg pain in the fittest of people.  Wearing good footwear is critical, this the boots that Roxi gave me when I started my last job, plus the new Timberland Pros that I picked up this last weekend will protect and support my very wussy baby-like feet.  Laugh, but it’s true.  I have never gone barefoot or worn sandals or anything like them in my life.  Thus my feet have been constantly encased in protective footwear such as boots or good shoes.  I rarely even wear sneakers, although I do own a couple of pair.  Thus, my feet are soft as a baby’s butt, and have no protective skin layers or callouses, which is good and bad at the same time I suppose.  Anyway, they ached something fierce when I arrived home after my 8 hours today…but nothing that some ibuprophen and rest didn’t take care of fairly quickly.  I’m not complaining though, I really do like the job and after a couple of weeks this old body will get the message and adjust to the wear and tear as needed, I am sure.

It’s been storming here for 3 straight days.  A Nor’ Easter storm came in and stalled out off of Cape Cod and we received buckets of rain and high winds as we were lashed by the spinning backside of the storm.  There was some thunder and lightening even mixed in and one particular crack hit somewhere near the building I was working in today….I hit the deck like it was a missile from the Army (amazing how those reflexes, once taught, never seem to leave us).  At first I thought that the building had been hit by a plane because we are close to the Pease International Trade Port air field, also the air field used by the Air National Guard and various other military factions.  The runway here is the longest on the east coast, and the only east coast runway that could have handled the landing of the Space Shuttle had it ever been necessary (*one of those tid-bit facts that my brain keeps in the Trivial Pursuit vault).  So the explosion and virtually sonic boom from the strike of lightening (or so we in the building all believed to be lightening) was the worst I have ever heard or witnessed outside of my days with the missile battalions in the Army.  Still I don’t know exactly how close the strike was, or if it was a strike…hell it could have been a tectonic plate shift – which is loud as well – like we had a couple of years back…it causes a huge noise like that as the plates of the earth basically shift underneath you.  This felt like that, but I don’t think it was that this time because of the accompanying thunder and lightening storm that we were in the midst of having.

I got home today about 3:30 and Nola almost turned herself inside out with her enthusiasm at me being home.  She’s such a cute and dedicated pup.  I got to give her credit, she’s pretty damned smart too.  She knows whe I go to work and will plop on the couch back and stare at me as I go out the door. She doesn’t even try to follow me; she knows the deal.  If I work any more of these long 8-9 hour days then I may ask my friend Suretta to come by and let her out and check on her mid-way through my shift.  She is great, and can hold it all day, but it’s not fair to ask her to do that on a regular basis.  Next week my shifts are most all 5 hour shifts – ah the life of Riley, perfect amount of hours for me to work daily – so Nola will be happier with those shorter shifts.   I’m only working 25-29 hours a week total, which is just what I wanted, works out perfect for me, and exactly what I wanted when I applied.

So the first few days of work were interesting with the gender related issues.  I have been called sir and that guy quite a few times.  I don’t really care and I let it go anyway.  But it was interesting to sort of watch people trying to figure me out.  By today most of them had it down that I am female, gay and Butch.  I didn’t need to say anything.  The place has a great diversity policy and anti-bullying policy, so I am not worried about it.  I know a couple of the guys don’t seem to like it that I am around – I can always tell by gut instinct – but that’s to be expected when you are working with over 130 people in one building, less seasonal employee counts.  You always get a few who just can’t handle the LGBT dynamics and lifestyle and while no one has “said” anything, the looks I’ve gotten say it all.  I don’t really care, it’s not my job to make anyone happy but me, and I do my job, do it well and I am a team player when necessary.  I’ve managed to avoid the bathrooms pretty close to completely. Today I did venture into the women’s room to wash my hands after handling a bunch of grimey power tools.  I managed to do the “scout” of the rooms, make sure they are empty and dash in and washed my hands and got the hell out of there before anyone walked in and I had to go through that discomfort, or the “aren’t you in the wrong washroom” scenario.

That was my day, and the rather boring synopsis of my return to the working world this past week. Since it’s throw back Thursday I will leave you with a photo of me and my dear mother that was taken a little over a year ago at a family dinner event.     ~Peace~  MB



4 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. “I don’t really care, it’s not my job to make anyone happy but me, and I do my job, do it well and I am a team player when necessary.” Perfect!!! I need to remind myself of that frequently…it’s just not my job to change everyone’s perception of the lesbian spectrum.


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