I bought another pair of boots.  Yeah, I now own 4 pairs of work boots and 2 pair of riding boots…it’s a little ridiculous. These are steel toe Timberland Pro’s…and quite awesome, and I basically stole them for the price I paid.  Nice freaking boots.  Although they do need a good coat of polish and water proofing.  I’ll get to that today I am sure.

I’m thinking of tossing one pair of the tan Tims I have, but then they been with me for so many years that I feel guilty tossing them, like I would be tossing an old friend or something.  Maybe I will save them for lawn mowing since that turns whatever I have on my feet green anyway.

So I have a boot thing.  My feet are so freaking tender, and I find that only work boots give me the arch support that my ailing feet often need.  The Army didn’t do my poor dogs any good running in combat boots up to 10 miles at a time.  When I was in the service they didn’t allow you to wear sneakers for physical training unless you had a doctor’s notes…and that was a pussy thing to do, get that note, so you know I never did it.  Heh.  So basically I suffered and today my feet pay the price for those years of wear and tear, plus what I’ve just put on them naturally.  As long as I wear the boots I don’t seem to have as much pain and trouble with them though.

Only a Butch can get this excited about new work boots….

Black Timberland Pro Series boots

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  1. And I bet you live near a Timberland Outlet store…(I know Maine has a ton of outlet stores)…I have three pairs of Timberland Boots (sunshine, rain, and serious snow) and keep an eye out for the 30% off sales.

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