I haven’t written in several days, been just too preoccupied with other parts of my life to get anything out on this blog.  This is good, and bad I suppose.  Sometimes when I get miffed about something my silent partner takes over, and I go into this place where I deal with it internally, so as not to bring on any external pressure or hate.  I suppose to some extent that is whats been going on, at least in one part of my life.

Other things that have kept me from writing much are that I started my new job, went out drinking on Wednesday night with an old flame, and didn’t feel so good on Thursday…I accidentally smashed the bedroom TV in my stupor even…got up Thursday, headache and all and went to my new job orientation…yeah, minor hangover and all.  And let me just interject here, I do not usually drink.  But a full 6 pack of Mike’s hard cider got the best of my ass on Thursday, and you know what?  It felt really fucking good.  Plus we had a balls good time.  Lobsters steamers, corn on the cob and salads for dinner, a nice long soak in the hot tub in the misting rain, awesome fire-side laughter, and lots of those damned Mike’s ciders…by 10pm I was feeling no pain.  That’s probably the most buzzed I’ve been since my brother’s wedding in 1999…shit, I was plastered at that event, and I was the best man, John Beluschi style.

Anyway, for someone who doesn’t drink those Mike’s sure went down smooth. (Hell…it’s making me want one just writing about it now). My friend J was here from Colorado for a yoga retreat in Boston…plus a couple of nights here in town at my sister’s place, so it was our cause to celebrate. She only visits once a year or so, and we always have tons of great local food – so I really enjoy the visits. Plus I do love to party over at my younger sister’s place, it’s just so awesome and such a relaxing kind of atmosphere for me.  I know everyone of you is asking ‘what about the hot tub?’  Yeah, hot tub….the first time in water without a shirt on in decades…haha.  That particular hot tub is very well hidden and private, so it wasn’t a big deal anyways, but I did have to stop and let myself feel that feeling for a second. I sat there with the hot water running around my bare skin, and man did it feel great.  If I still had my hot tub I’d be in it every night again.  A minor sad loss to divorce..

The conversation was so interesting all night. J of course, was curious about everyone here at “home” (She’s originally from here and graduated with my sister, thus the long friendship of theirs).  So it’ was like the giant update session, of Joe’s doing this now and seeing so and so, and Sally is out of work and doing drugs..Jr is playing football and smoking weed…no, seriously some of the stories do get like that , but most are just family updates, and man you can find out the whole damn town’s business once you get people talking like that.  We had a freaking b l a s t. and now my head is full of TMI about a whole lot of things that don’t concern me, but are extremely interesting or funny.  Townies.  Plus we got to see pics and show pics of people at least some of us hadn’t seen in a long time.  I love that I have remained friends with J, it’s been a long time of knowing one another, like 25+ years now…it’s cool to have someone who’s seen so much of your life along with you, who has been aware of the journey in one way or another, either close up or from afar, that knows me like she does.  It’s kind of strange to even think about that right now…damn…I forget what she knows about my life, ups and downs, good and evil, hahaha…that’s scary.

So the job.  Well it’s work, it’s the perfect amount of hours at 29 a week for me, and it’s decent pay.  Plus it’s a job where I get to work with, and around tools.  Power tools.  Butch Heaven.  I am basically just doing company orientation now, and going through all the safety stuff you have to do in order to work in that type of business anyways.  It’s a lot of computer work, videos and tests…which I usually suck at, but I’ve managed to pass all of thus far.  I have no doubt I’ll do fine with the rest, hell I worked at the other place for 6 months, and that was a little different, but pretty much the same type of atmosphere – home improvement, but the new place tends to get a little more upscale clientele I’ve noticed.  I’ve seen other LGBT people working there already, gaydar like.  Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think there may be more than I know…there’s 130 employees in the building..what’s the percentage of likelihood that there aren’t a bunch.  It’ll be an interesting job, especially through the Christmas season.  I’m imagining the women coming in to buy new tools for their male, male oriented or Butch (or anyone who LOVES tools as much) counterparts….eheheh..I am going to be working in Butch Heaven…tools, girls, guys to shoot the crap with…yup, Butch Fucking Heaven.

It’s Saturday night…I was going to stay home but I just had the brilliant idea to go hang out at the bowling alley in Portsmouth…who knows what kind of adventure that could turn into tonight.  I’m hungry, so it’s a good place to go with Ty working the bar and grill.  Plus I could use the exercise of bowling a few strings…and I have tomorrow off as well.  So here’s where I’m leaving you for the night dear readers.  🙂   May your adventures be awesome.

So, how stoned did I get before writing this blog (that’s the other question floating around out there I know, ah I know my friends, eh eh). Very.


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