Thursday Morning Musings…

I have orientation for my new job at Lowe’s today at 9:30 am.   I am really psyched, and am looking forward to venturing back out into the working world.  Now that I am fully healed from top surgery and have my strength back I should be fine to be working again.  This job I will be working primarily in the hardware and tool department…yes, TOOLS…it’s like the Butch Heaven part of any home improvement store.  Maybe I can help some of the local Femmes pick out good Christmas presents this year for their tool hungry Butch partners!  🙂  I’m pleased to be getting back to work, I don’t care to have so much free time on my hands, plus it will be a good financial move as winter is coming and bills tend to go up.  At least with working I won’t have to struggle quite as much to stretch things through the winter and then maybe I can take next summer off again if things go well.  We’ll see, it may do me more good to just work through the year

My ex and a very good friend, Jody, is in town right now. She and I got together last night for some time in the hot tub and catch-up conversation.  It’s really cool to have such awesome ex-lovers who have remained close friends.  Jody and I had history back in our 20’s…so it was a long time ago, and we’ve remained very close friends ever since.  It was a wild time of life for both of us then, and we walked part of that wild-side journey together, having some awesome adventures to say the least! The stories we have of our time together are pretty cool and some are outright funny as hell.   Now she is married to a really great guy and has a pre-teen daughter, and lives in the mountains of Colorado.  She’s here for a yoga retreat in Boston, and made visiting me part of her trip!  It was really super nice getting to just lay around in the hot tub last night and chat.  It was also my first experience with being in the water with my chest bare…which felt incredibly great.

Tonight we will procure lobsters from our local lobster buddy and have a lobster feed.  I’m sure it will be accompanied by a nice bonfire and hopefully another nice long soak in the spa. That felt so good last night, it relieved all of the tension in my body and made me sleep like a rock last night.  I miss having my own hot tub.  One of those things that got lost in divorce…only because I left it there as I didn’t have a place to store it until I could move it.  After a while I figured just leave it there and one day I will get another one.  I’m planning to rebuild the back deck on the house here, and I will most likely incorporate a new hot tub into that project when I do it.  They are just such nice therapy for my back and shoulders, as well as relaxing as hell.  Thankfully my family is still in the business of selling hot tubs, so getting one shouldn’t be very difficult.

The antique shop booth has been doing fairly well this last month.  I was going to pull out of that particular shop at the end of October, but am thinking that I may leave it alone for at least another month and keep changing up the inventory items for the coming holiday season.  It’s a chance call, either move to another shop for a while, or have booths in two different shops…plus I’ll be working now, and doing all the other things that I do…yeah, going to be a challenging couple of months of getting used to a new schedule and getting my life swung around to fit it all in without stressing myself out too much.  Good thing I am healthy and have a lot of good energy!

The weather has been awesome lately. Yesterday – mid October – it’ hit 80 degrees here!  Unbelievable!  I should have been outside mowing my lawn and doing fall clean up projects, but I chose to go off cruising around town instead.  It was a superb day for driving!  I figured I wouldn’t get many more of those kinds of days, so I took advantage of it while I could.  I ended up picking up some more parachute cord and have whipped up about a dozen new cobra knot survival bracelets, just to keep my hands and fingers in shape.  Sometimes at this time of year I have arthritis in them that acts up.  If I can keep my hands busy then it helps to keep them from getting stiff and sore.  I have enough cord to do probably another dozen bracelets.  Who knows what I will end up doing with them!  I’m thinking I may make Nola a new collar for Christmas if I can get the right colors of cord, which means that possibly a fun trip up to the Army Barracks store is in my future!

I been feeling pretty damned good this week.  I do still miss someone who was special to me, but I’m resigned to the facts at this point.  So no use in getting myself twisted about it when it’s just out of my hands.  It’s great that I have so many awesome friends who like to keep my time occupied and my mind off of things.  I really owe them all a great deal of gratitude on that front.  Plus, my mood has been really good, the medication adjustment has worked well.  My T has also been adjusted up for a short time here, and that’s playing a bit of havock with my sex-drive for sure.  I could about mess something up right now, heheheh.

I happened upon another great blogger who does a good amount of blogging on Stone Butch topics, thanks to another reader who brought this blogger to my attention!  For some really great stuff, both about Stone and about Butch-Femme dynmics and some erotica along those lines as well check out Xanwest ‘s blog.  I am sure you will all be completely blown away by their writing and the depth of explanation of Butch sexuality and sexual being.  I know I was.  I wish I could get those words out of my own mouth/fingers but I am just too shy to discuss it as Xan does.  I commend their courage!  And I shall continue to be an avid reader of that blog.

Ok, off to have my shower and get ready for this brand new day!  I do hope that your day goes well.  Do something daring today…take a chance, and have a great day!!!





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  1. Happy for ya! Maybe you will meet some lonely femme looking for a tool and getting a (handy)
    man on top of it! (No pun intended!) All the best.

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