New Feature: This Is Butch….photo montages

100_1875 100_1877 100_1876 Photos of my getting my Love Conquers All Tatoo….


4 thoughts on “New Feature: This Is Butch….photo montages

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  1. Wow! Awesome, brave woman!
    “Love Conquers All” is similar to one of my favorite personal slogans – “Love is The Answer” – no matter what is the question Love is the answer. Certainly not original, but I believe it with all my heart and try to live my life accordingly.
    I like very nice body art – and don’t have any yet – someday….
    One thing to be said about getting my first tattoo at my age is likely it won’t stretch much more due to gravity lol!
    Seriously I really like the Japanese (?) words and owwey the inside of the arm is very tender. I love hands and arms – must be the Gemini in me 😉 In body art and sculptures, both live and non I find arms to be most erotic.
    Thank you for all you share; you give me courage and inspiration! AW

  2. I think that’s going to be my Christmas present to myself. I already know what I want but I just have to convince the Mrs. it will look okay. Hmmm, I do believe she will be away for a couple of weeks after x-mas. . . ahhh, I see more ink in my near future. Cheers.

  3. awesome ink! , I’d like to get ” Family,Honor,Loyalty” in Japanese or Chinese either on my leg or one of my arms, but I am so afraid that the tattoo artist will screw up and write “I Love Broccoli ” on me instead ! lol

  4. I am afraid of needles. When I get shots or have blood drawn I tell the nurse or aide that I have to lie down so that if I faint I don’t have far to fall. But all the more power to you – it looks great.

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