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I Dare you

Excellently written!



I dare you to rise, to see what I see.

I dare you to uncover the curves and scars, the sweet parts and the raw, healing ones.  To let me see.  Who you are, who you were, who you are becoming.

I dare you to love you.  To whisper sacred words in the mirror and in the shadows.  To hear the wind and caw of the Raven and know it is for you.  I dare  you.  I dare you to see what I see.

To breathe in deeply and know your sacredness, your divine oneness of the universe, of me, of your tribe.  I dare you to see your colours, your strength, your sadness and circle it all with a ring of sage smoke; protection and awareness.

I see you. And I dare you to rise and see what I see.

With Passion,


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