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Femme thoughts: Expectations

Hello readers! I thought this particular post on Femme thoughts was superbly written and says sooo much! I could certainly mix it up and write a very similar post! Enjoy! ~MB


I feel like I am growing into this label, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Being Femme isn’t at all about being cis female, you don’t need the parts to match the personality.  I have the ability to love deeply, no matter what gender.  Yet I am most certainly a lesbian.  And not by choice.  (cue in Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”)

Here’s what I expect & want from my Butch:

  • Please take care of your Body.  Let’s workout together… let’s make time to be healthy.  I want you around for along time.  I love snuggling in, and want your body very, very close.
  • Please take care of your Mind:  I also like to snuggle in with books and tea…what are you reading?  What makes you grab your soapbox and put your activist cape on?  I want to know!  Amaze me!  Lets talk and debate.  It’s hot!
  • Please take…

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