Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Yes, folks, it’s a football kind of day!  Some part of Sunday afternoon football, wings, good beverages, and my recliner are all lined up for my relaxation and for some good old fashioned yelling at the TV screen about dumb ass plays and good calls!  I may not spend my whole afternoon inside with the tube, but part of it will be on for sure.  It’s too nice a day to sit inside and not absorb some of these great rays!

It’s one absolutely gorgeous fall kind of day outside.  The sun is shining and the air is crisp with September.  I love this time of year.  I pulled out all of my photography equipment today, going to get some fresh batteries for some of my cameras and pack the ruck sack for a trip out to do some early fall shots.  I haven’t done this in a while, see I put my best camera away, and I forgot WHERE away was…for a really long time.  During my tearing apart of my bedroom a couple of days ago (in preparation for paint and the new flooring) I magically discovered my camera case and viola!  There was my good Nikon camera!  Sans batteries – which I probably removed when I stored it so they wouldn’t corrode the camera, this is something only I would do.  I’m weird like that.

I broke out my flannel shirts this morning.  Yeah, it was 46 degrees F. here and a bit nippy getting out of bed this morning!  Thankfully it was only down to 62 inside the house or I would have been frozen.  I kicked on the electric heater to warm it up in here a bit, but after moving around for a while I didn’t need it anymore.  I love this time of year when I can layer my clothing…I’d rather have these temps than have the blazing sun and 80’s…I’m just not a Florida or hot weather Butch at all.  Give me colder weather, long johns and good flannel shirts and I am all set.  It’s almost time for me to break out the Chippewas – boots to beat all boots – with their insulation and warm winter feel.  I love those boots.

I also broke out my fishing poles yesterday.  Repaired some lures and lines and got them ready to throw.  I may even combine the photo jaunt with a trip to the dam to toss a few lines today.  Did I  mention that I love this time of year?  I know there are things I should be doing today but the beauty of the day just beckons me outside and my rambunctious attitude won’t allow me to settle into anything right now, so it’s a goof-off day and not a day of work for me.  It may even be another bonfire afternoon a bit later on.  Which reminds me that I got to go get some wood, because I burned all of what I had gathered yesterday with Nola and Lori.  We had a nice fire, filmed some Butch Bonding videos for Facebook and laughed quite a lot at life and it’s intricacies.  I’m actually going to miss that part of Lori and I’s relationship, the conversations that we have (when she’s focused!) are pretty cool.  Although I will always chide her for her ability to have 5 chat screens open at any one time, and be engaging all of them at once…amazing ability!

My favorite flannel shirt...
My favorite flannel shirt…

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