Post 8: Three Turn Ons

Holy hell how am I supposed to list just three?   Perhaps I am an over-simplified Stone Butch.  I am turned on my the mere mention of the word Femme sometimes.  

Turn ons to me are just things that make a person awesomely attractive to me.  It’s the way they look, that little glance I get across the way, or the simple way a woman turns to walk away…yeah, I am going to take this post to “turn ons” in a more intimate atmosphere, as in turns ons sexually for me. 

The first thing that will turn me on about a woman is the way she looks.  If I see a woman who obviously takes care to look good for herself and the world then it is a huge turn on.  I was always taught that you present your very best self to the world every morning, no matter what.  That no one wants to come home to someone who doesn’t care about what they look like day after day, let alone meet someone like that right off the bat  So yes, when I meet a woman my eye is automatically drawn to how she looks – I am a human beast you know, I do love eye candy! – and if she looks good then for me if I am single I may take it from there and see what’s up.  

Secondly I am turned on by intelligence.  Smart is sexy.  Anyone who can hold a decent conversation and woo me wiht words is a champion.  And the right mix of words and silence is also vital. Don’t make me tell you when to shut up.  🙂 

In sticking with the physical turn ons the next thing I am drawn to is a nice body.  I am particularly an ass guy  I love a nice ass for sure.  But physique wise I like a woman who is not too skinny, but not too over the limit either.  I want some cushion and some meat on her bones, but I do like to feel those bones on occasion too.  I know this sounds really cheesy and petty, but it’s true as hell. 

So those are the three big turn ons…there’s the every growing list of other stuff like

Good women, women who are good women know what I mean by this already without explanation. I’m okay to play with the honky-tonk girls, but not ready to take any of them home to mom. I really prefer the good girls.  

Boobs…yeah I love boobs, they are just a necessary adornment on any beautiful woman.  

Shaved or neatly trimmed pussy….at one point I was into shaved completely, but the last few years I have eased up and also thought better of the possible implications of my preference.  

Talking dirty, whisper it in my ear, or scream it, I like it all. 

Fierce Femme aggression on occasion.  Femmes who are too meek and mild lose my interest quite rapidly.  I like some sass, and some aggression.  Tell me what you want baby, or better yet show me. 

Well placed tattoos and piercings….there’s just something sexy about them if they are done right and with some forethought.

Nicely kept nails…oh yeah, and the ability to know how and when to use them.

The word please….oh yeah….for some reason, probably my dominant side being appeased, I love the word please when used with any request…

hell, this list could go on for some amount of space here….  I do hope you all enjoyed this post…cuz it was a bitch to write.  




2 thoughts on “Post 8: Three Turn Ons

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  1. we seem to have some things in common, intelligence is a huge turn on for me, as is a feisty Femme, I do so enjoy a Femme that will speak her mind, knows what she wants and is not afraid to say so,while not an assman myself I do appreciate a nice one , meat on the bone women, I always say if they won’t dive into a cheese burger, then they’re not my type , nothing irks me more than going out for dinner and ordering the porter house steak and she orders a damn salad!

    1. Hell yes, I love a girl who can put back a steak like me! And I do love my steaks! Fiesty Femme, yes, that’s the ticket for sure. I want someone who can match my wit and sense of humor to some degree at least. Not just a “yes” woman, but a woman with her own ideas as well. I love a woman who knows what she wants and gets me as a Butch.

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