Post 7: Four Turn Offs

Depending on what we are talking about I have various turn offs, some concerning just people in general and some more personal. For this post I will just stick with my general annoyances.  

One of my biggest turn offs is ignorance.  I’m talking ignorance like Westboro Baptist Church style, there’s no sense in that and there’s not any honor there to be had.  WBC, the KKK and other hate groups really turn my stomach with their ignorant and biased preaching and leanings. I find it to just be pure ignorance.

Another thing that turns me off is overt arrogance.  People who believe they are somehow better than others.  No one is above anything, believe me.  Just because we have different styles, upbringings, social circles or whatever doesn’t mean that anyone is better or mightier than another at all.  We are all equally walking our own paths in the journey of life.

Religious zealots.  I’m all good with everyone having their own beliefs, and I have my own.  Yes, I believe in God.  But I don’t wish to discuss details of what God might think about my gender identity, sexuality or lifestyle in the least.  Him and I got a great relationship, and his universal hand guides my life daily.  I have no reason to believe religious nay-sayers who tell me that I am going to hell over words that were actually written by man in a book.

Negativity really turns me off.  All situations have challenges, but there’s not ever any good that comes out of pointing out all the negative things in life.  I have a couple of people in my life who do this, who live in this pessimistic world that drives me nuts.   If one can’t see the good through the difficult or bad, if you can’t say a good thing then just stay quiet and mull in your own dismal self.  I don’t want to hear it, unless you are asking for my help to get over it or by it somehow.  


 There is probably a whole list of little turns offs such as poor self-care in people, false teeth, bad shoes, mismatched boots to belts (that one kills me) and misuse of the English language.  Those are all pretty superficial though, the bigger turn offs are those things that really count to me.  



One thought on “Post 7: Four Turn Offs

  1. I totally agree with your points on arrogance! It’s actually a disgusting quality that I think is becoming all too common these days. Money, items and qualifications give people the idea that they are somehow better than you and not much is more off putting than an arrogant attitude.


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