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Top Surgery: A Butch Perspective

As most of you know I had top surgery on August 18th by Dr. Kimberly Marble at Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire.  I wrote a piece on August 30th about some of the reactions I had received regarding my choice to go ahead with this surgery.  In the month since that post I have noticed… Continue reading Top Surgery: A Butch Perspective

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“Pearls” an excellent little piece written by Wet Bliss…love it.

Wet Bliss

Radiating with need
Skin covered in sheen
With sight deprived
Senses come alive

Listening intently
Breathing in gently
A new kind of bareness
Heightened awareness

Kisses along the neck
Trailing little pecks
Teasing swollen mounds
Eliciting sounds

Eased back into place
Nestled in the space
Secure within your hold
Parts the quivering folds

The sound of my cries
Echo as I ride the tides
Revealing my pearl
Cause I’m your good girl

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Hyper Awareness of Gender Identity

I had a pretty packed day today.  Once I overcame my Monday blahs and it became Tuesday I found my energy once more and definitely used it up today.  It was an interesting day, and I've been pondering some of it's points tonight, and realized that since my top surgery I've been almost hyper-aware of… Continue reading Hyper Awareness of Gender Identity