Medicate me baby

It’s getting colder in the mornings here in Maine…almost time to break out the Chippewa insulated boots and flannel lined jeans!  I’m never going to win any awards for the way my Butch ass dresses, but I definitely try to keep it clean and presentable.  I was reading a fellow Butch’s blog and it was […]

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Just a Monday

I have no idea what to blog about.  I’ve been doing more reading than anything lately.  There are other bloggers that I associate with who write and have been doing some really great stuff lately.  I almost wish we could pull a bunch of the pieces together in one place and do a collaborative Butch-Femme […]

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Perks Of Dating A Femme

Originally posted on A Femme in NYC:
No, I’m not playing for the other team now. I asked my friends and acquaintances what are the advantages of dating a femme as opposed to a femme-identifying feminine lesbian, bisex or straight woman (cultural appropriation anyone?). After her own self-discovery and acceptance journey, a femme: – Values…

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Handful of Wants…and Other Things

Handful of wants (0ceanswaters wrote about this and spurred the thought)…oh to have such a thing….if only one could limit this indiscretion to one handful…If I could have just a handful of things…what would they be.  I’d want more time with my girl…I’d be in a luxurious room in Vegas somewhere …  I’d want a […]

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