Lesbian, Poetry, Sexuality, Things Butch-Femme

Midnight Sighs


Lightning in the midnight skies

Those sweet palest of blue eyes

Kisses leave me wondering who

Lead me to so desiring you.


Searing hot and soaking wet

Yet barely had I been there yet

Passion like a midnight storm

Need and want above the norm


Flowing like the soaking rain

Bring ecstasy and a burning pain

Fire and want and searing passion

Overtakes in their primal fashion


I take what I want to be my own

Mind and body a white hot zone

Your lust and fierce kisses hurt

A good pain surely does convert


I lay breathing hard and full of thirst

Desiring more than just this first

Your deep needs and wants

Skin glistening tight and taunt


And leaves me just wanting to unfurl

More and more my lightening girl.

Drop me weak and to my knees

Enticing you to just say please….



3 thoughts on “Midnight Sighs

  1. michaela says:

    Am on your knees,
    Am waiting for small kiss,
    My body belongs to you,
    I need your bondage,
    We are desiring to be locked,
    Your power is my passion,
    But I didn’t take, what..
    what I want or need.
    I can not feel pain,
    Because you don’t hurt me,
    Am already enticed.
    But I feel good.


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