Day 3: Eight Things You Can Do to Win My Heart

I’m a simple being.  There a dozens of things I love about people; things that endear a person to me.  Eight is a short list.  Be it as friend or lover these are just some of the ways to win my affections!  

1. Smile, laugh and play with me. Flash me a beautiful smile and it melts me every time.

2. Make me chocolate cake on my birthday…sans candles. 

3. Write to me…I’ve always been a writer and I love to read.  Write me a letter and you win every time.  

4. Be consistent.  Don’t be wishy-washy, I like consistency in people, not huge fluctuations that keep me guessing what’s going on. 

5. Have bold confidence in oneself.  I love confidence, without arrogance or conceit, it’s very sexy and highly appealing.

6. Watch the sunrise / sunset with me….depending on where we are in the world.  Even a pretty sunset over the mountains is better            than no sunset at all.  

7. Be truthful, trustworthy and honorable…have actual trust in me.  I can’t stand a liar.  Trust is sexy; trust in yourself and trust in me.

8. Be adventurous with me.  Take me on your dreams, come with me on mine.  

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