New Work with TVTP

I started working with a very interesting project in the last few days, the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal.  My job – to research murder and violent cases concerning *Trans victims.  It requires a lot of hunting down of information and reading, data entry and understanding why it’s important.  

The purpose of the portal is to collect the maximum data possible for analysis and the to further our understanding and ability to work for changes to bring about justice.  Not only are these victims brutalized and often murdered, but they are defamed in the media reports and press releases.  Still in today’s world the media can be such a cruel place, often mis-gendering, misnaming and reporting with bias and hatred of their own.  *Trans related hate crime goes under-reported more than any other type of crime; why? Because of fear and because sometimes the authorities don’t care to do the paperwork and leg work of establishing if a crime (even a murder) IS a hate crime.

Fact: During 2011/12  76% of LGBTQ victims were *Trans, with 67% being people of color.  

The woman who invited me to lend my energies to the project, Ms. Allison Woolbert, is nothing short of amazing, and so filled with such a deep passion for the work.  Allison is also the continual target of hate from the infamous Gender Identity Watch of Cathy Brennan and hateful homophobic and transphobic blogger Dirt.  Having had my own dealings with these two TERFs in the past, I was more than ready to jump on board to help Allison with this TVTP and in her war against the TERFs and their continual spreading of misinformation about *Trans and gender variant people like me.  

I know that I open myself up for some hatred by joining forces with others in fighting this inner community hatred from the GIW and similar groups, but if I don’t step up how can I inspired others to step up too?  It’s all of our responsibilities to address hatred, homophobia and transphobia and injustice where we encounter it – in our daily lives, from our relatives, from our governments, and from known hate groups like the GIW, as well as the more infamous such as the Westboro Baptist Church and the religious right.  

I would love to hear what you, dear reader, have done or are doing to help combat homophobia, transphobia and blatant discrimination in your community.  Comments invited below!  And as always personal email to my account at are always welcome.  Peace.

(Note: The abbreviation Trans is maked with an * to denote that it is used here as an umbrella term).

5 thoughts on “New Work with TVTP

  1. In NYC a lot of the trans related hate crimes go unreported because they are perpetrated by the NYPD. There is a tremendous amount of street harassment against trans women and trans youth in NY.


  2. We try and work as closely as we can on our show to inform the public on the damage this group of people do to the trans community. TERFS have inflicted pain and suffering on so many. They are more then just an annoyance. They are dangerous.


  3. Great article and I’m so glad you are working with Allison Woolbert – she really is an amazing person. I greatly value her devotion to this project and thanks for joining the effort!


  4. Thanks for doing this important work.

    I don’t know if the project can do this, but there is also a lack of information on suicide by transgender people, although we know it’s too high. Could it be collected at the same time?


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