Deep Sea Fishing…

Some days I feel so f**king good, and so damned lucky that I have to slap myself to make sure it’s real.  Today is just one of those slap-happy days.  Life is good.  

Sometimes things happen in an instant, and for a reason.  I’ve always said that people come into my life for a reason, a season or a lifetime…and once you know and see the reason, you can move on to the season…I wouldn’t change a thing.  

I got my good health, T-cells like mad, and lots of things to look forward to…

It’s supposed to be a beautiful next 2-3 days here.  I am going out deep sea fishing on Monday.  Now, I am NOT a fan of large spans of open water…so we’ll see how my pirate ass does on that boat.  I do love to fish, and the company should be very fun as it will be some of my siblings plus some of the pool company employees and the kids.  I am sure I’ll be stuck with the kids, that’s where I always end up – cuz usually they’re the only ones not drinking thus the only coherent beings that I can tolerate.  I do not do well with a bunch of rowdy drunks, and being confined on a boat deck with them could be even more nightmarish.  

I’ve never been deep sea fishing.  The back-story of my not doing much ocean fishing is that during the summer of 1980 I was out on a lobster boat off of Duck Island and a storm came up and capsized the boat…it was pretty traumatic, and even before the incident I was not well for ocean sailing…needless to say that cured me of any need to return to pirate-hood that I ever had. I damned near drown, I thought my boyfriend (yeah, I was 18 and trying to pretend I was straight at the time, lost cause.) was dead for over 2 hours til his drenched ass washed up still alive half a mile up the harbor.  It was scary, and I hated him for ever convincing me that we needed to be out in that weather.  He tortured me that summer with those boats and the ocean, so I now have an even healthier respect for it.  (Incidentally, he died 5 years ago when a rogue wave hit his lobster boat out of the Isles of Shoals..just like I knew would happen to him one day).   I swear I was a pirate in a previous life and died at sea, thus the inherent fear of the ocean…that and Jaws 1977…THAT is why I do not SWIM in the ocean either.  Thus, another near-death experience of mine.  End of story.  

So, Monday should be interesting to say the least.  Yes, I will definitely have my video camera along.  I wonder what the temperature is off shore in the Atlantic Ocean right now?  I’m betting we won’t be swimming!  


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  1. I do not swim in the ocean either same reason sharks i have seen way to many of them.
    i would never have gotten on a boat you are very brave i hope you have a great time
    and end your fears with a great day for all .
    i to do not like being around drunks ,as i do not drink

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