Delicately I take your hand 

And pull you hard into me

Here is where the delicacy ends

As we begin to set our passion free.


Pinning you against that hard wall

Forcing your hands up overhead

As gasp escapes your quivering lips

Thought spins on that of dread


Turn your head and bear that neck

Your throat lain bare for me

My cold steel blade is sharp and true

And thus it is now the only key


I trace skin so soft and supple

pausing just below your chin

My knee presses between your legs

Now it is time to let me in.


Release you hand from up high

My fist takes an handful of your hair

The blade lays quietly at your throat

I start to wonder if you even care


To your knees I force you down

But you drop so willing and good

Them softly I cup your chin in my hand

and whisper ‘i knew you could’


You lick those soft lips in waiting

What do you want next my dear?

For we have only just started

We are far from ending never fear.

*(a work in progress)




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