Night Dreams

My night dreams are sporadic and charged with sexual energy usually.  Last night I recall a forbidden kiss (or several actually) with a beautiful woman.  A precursor to reality I do hope. Because I certainly intend to do a hella lot more kissing before I am done in this life.  I love kissing and am damned good at it I might add, no matter where I am kissing.  

Funny, suddenly I am receiving more notes and emails from interested women…not that I am in any way looking at this time; my plate is quite full of just life and the things that I am hoping to bring to my life.  Although I am always flattered when I do get an email from a sweet woman.  But alas, I am hoping that I can continue the conversation I have been having for the last couple of months, fate willing.  She had become very endeared to me, and I guess I struck a nerve with her, so she’s currently ignoring me…hell, I’m used to being ignored, so it’s no big deal.  I do hope she comes around though, and realizes that I am only being me, and she said wanted that…

I am naturally fairly stoic and don’t let a lot of things bother me, especially things that I have no way of reaching out and grabbing a hold of, throwing up against a wall and dealing with right then and there. In this case there are oceans and continents in the way.  Yes, it bothers me that she won’t communicate with me, but what the hell can I do about it?  Not a damned thing.  Ball is in her court.  I can only wait and see what happens.  Maybe this is the “out” she’s looking for to go back to her ‘monogamous’ relationship with her partner there.  Maybe she’s a little jealous that I might have had a date.  I have no way of knowing what the real deal is unless she chooses to tell me. Thus I am not going to worry about it, because honestly it does not affect my daily life here right now….sigh…just affects my heart a little.  



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  1. And people think we lesbians have an easier time dating other women. Certainly not always the case. The only thing I know for sure is that flowers always brings a smile to my gal pal’s face. Cheers.

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