Double Standard

I woke up to a message on my phone about not telling her that I had a date.  Dazed and a bit confused over why she would even care, as she has a full time monogamous relationship going on in her realm of the world. One that I am supposed to not care about.  Yet she gets pissy with me over one minor date?  Funny how suddenly what’s good for the goose is not allowed for the gander.  She has never told me that it would upset her in any way if I dated someone here, as a matter of fact she encouraged me to do what I would normally do here and not change up my life over our talking.  Funny how that changes when it becomes all too real.  

I am disappointed.  But this is why I don’t let myself get too overly attached…some find it so easy to just walk away.  Too bad…I could have fallen in love given the right situation and reasons.   




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