Life Today…July 8, 2014

 “What screws us up most in life is the picture

                  in our heads of how it’s supposed to be.”  

On a more serious note…I know my blog is a little silly lately with me and my buddy Lori posting pics of us just being Butch.  The feeling of having a Butch buddy around to do things with is really great for me!  I love it, and I love our interactions, conversations and our silliness.  But seriously, it’s so cool to have someone who is so like minded around to discuss things with, to share thoughts about different topics related to living Butch and all that we encounter and go through in doing so.  Having my own life validated somewhat by seeing another person who is so much like me is such an encouraging feeling.  Lor and I could be brothers for sure, and I’d be proud to be that.  

I haven’t been doing much besides more or less just enjoying life at the moment.  I know that on Thursday I have to get off my lazy butt and make some cash this weekend.  Unfortunately for me life does not run on laughter alone.  Flea market this weekend, so hauling and carrying; loading and unloading and loading again, dickering and bartering, and hopefully making hay while the sun shines on us on Saturday.  Yeah, that’s my life for the next 2 weekends, then it’s the annual Tractor and Engine Show here at Raitt Farm Museum for 3 days, 15 hours a day.  I shall be very tired at the end of July…but hopefully I will have made some decent money as well.  Today’s find was a stack of OLD windows, 6 pane halves, which will make awesome frames / wall art.  I plan to keep 1 and resell the other 3.  Never know what you’ll find cruising around the back roads around New England; treasures abound.

My Nemesis Butch Star watch has been replaced, thankfully.  I missed that watch something awful.  I lost it in the trip to Virginia last month; left it in the moving truck and evidently the cleaner of the truck thought it was cool enough to pocket, thus no returned watch for me.  I had to order a new one, and it arrived yesterday much to my delight.  I consider this as the same gift as the original, which was a birthday gift to me this last January.  

For those who follow my more artsy side, I have bought some of the advanced to expert level mandala and intricately drawn coloring books.  I need more of the fine tipped markers at this point, having worn several colors out of ink. I had put myself on restriction from purchasing more, but now I need them!   I still do these when my nerves are frayed even the slightest bit, as they calm me and refocus my energy into the moment at hand.  The colors soothe me as well as in some ways stimulate different parts of my brain I believe, whatever it is, it works for me.

Learning to live in the present moment does take practice, and practice I do, for who knows what will happen tomorrow, so you best be living the best you can be living today, and be completely aware of your present moment in time.  Plans for the future are just fables in our heads, they really mean nothing because the universe has a plan for each of us already, and that is the plan that will become reality at some point for each of us.  Never say never.  I started this post with the quote from my Pinterest page today which was “What screws us up most in life is the picture in our heads of how it’s supposed to be.”  

Lori and I did a rather silly off-the-cuff vlog on What Women Want, and thus I have received a couple of great comments and email from some femme friends about what it is that women really want, femmes particularly, from their Butch counterparts.  I am going to pull together a written blog on the topic, and cite some of the words that have been written to me in the last few hours since posting that vlog on Youtube (What Women Want Vlog ) .  I was being crazy and not taking the topic too seriously in the video, but after a touch of reprimand and redirection I think I should address the topic a bit more seriously and in some better detail.  I’ll think hard on the subject and work more on this tonight.                                                           

Bromance Day 2

Butch bruthas bonding day 2.

My buddy and I spent another lazy Butch day doing a lot of just laid back stuff. We went down to North Hampton State Beach for a little while with Nola….but dogs are prohibited on the beach during daytime. I had her in her service vest, and had her tag, and no one seemed bothered. We only stayed about a half hour, checked out the people, got Nola some minor beach time and then headed back this way to go to the pool for a nice refreshing dip. At the pool we found ourselves talking about life, and what women want…not that we know anything about this subject, but the video footage of us trying like hell to decipher the code was pretty funny. For those wishing to see videos of todays adventures, there are two of them on Youtube. One is the beach and pool, and the 2nd is Butch Bonding over What Women Want….truly funny. I hope everyone managed to stay cool and out of the direct sun today…Peace.

Butch Beach Bonding

What Women Want…2 Butch Perspectives…






So, a Butch buddy of mine was heading south out of Maine when she broke down in Kittery, the next town over.  She called me looking for some help and a temporary place to crash, of course I offered up both like a good Butch.

Today we spent the day running around together like 2 kids in a candy store. We talked about all kinds of ‘just Butch’ stuff, girls, tools, bikes, cars, trucks….oh look a fucking squirrel…..

Yeah, we both apparently have ADD and as we set out to do one thing in town we ended up doing half dozen, including visiting the auto parts store, shopping for new trucks at the garage (also looking for screws there too) and we even hit the pawn shop – MY most favorite place to shop!    It was a true day of Butch bonding and bromance….I love having a buddy around, it’s entertaining and keeps me laughing!

Duct tape & Dykes
Duct tape & Dykes
Lori working on the headlight...neither of us could figure out the clip...we eventually just taped it in.
Lori working on the headlight…neither of us could figure out the clip…we eventually just taped it in.
MainelyButch working on the headlight
MainelyButch working on the headlight
Use the blue tape dude!
Use the blue tape dude!

The Hobby Lobby Decision: A MainelyButch Perspective

There are 316 million people living in the United States. It’s unbelievable that our freedom to make life choices is controlled by only 9 Supreme Court Justices.

A friend of mine posted this as his status on Facebook earlier today…it made me really think about what he was saying.  Then I thought about it like, wait…only 5 Supreme Court Justices made the pro-life decision for Hobby Lobby yesterday…so we are being ruled by FIVE people in essence???  This infuriates me to no end.

Women have the right to reproductive choice and health in my opinion.  Men have full insurance coverage for all of the erectile dysfunction products like Viagra that are on the market, we didn’t exclude 4 of them on the guys!  So now SCOTUS has set this precedent that if you own a company and believe strongly in your religious beliefs, that that simple fact allows you to deny equality to your employees.  That is just not right.  You are then in essence forcing your religious beliefs on that employee, when her religion may be completely different from that of you as the employer.  How did this even get to our Supreme Court?  We had decisions in 1968 and 1986 that completely said that employers could not force their religion on their employees, yet here we are in 2014 doing exactly that!  And this Supreme Court has seen fit to confer more and more power and privilege to the already powerful and privileged corporations, and take away the power of the American people to make their own adult decisions.

Our country is fragmented by skewed political beliefs.  Half of us believe in equality, and the other half is jaded (again in my opinion) by the religious and political right that seems to command every corporation in America with some of the most archaic beliefs going.  Corporations have more power than the people.

Our forefathers worried that this would happen.  They worried and debated, what if a few powerful individuals and corporations seized control of the country’s politics and economy and ruled over the people; against the will of the people.  Our Supreme Court was set up to stop things like this from happening.  They were to weigh issues and look at things in the light of what is best, fair and equitable for the people of the United States.  Yesterday they dropped that ball completely and ruled in favor of Corporate America, in favor of religious suppression and against all women in the USA.

Their decision will not only affect the women though, they may not realize that family planning and contraception affect the men involved as well.  If he doesn’t want to wear a condom, or have a vasectomy (against most religious beliefs also, but still covered by insurance) then he is just as responsible as the woman involved in making sure she doesn’t become pregnant with a child they cannot or do not wish to care for, raise, nurture, support, and set off into this world one day.  A decision to use contraception, for medical reasons or reasons of birth control should be up to the woman and her doctor.  These medicines are not only approved by the FDA but the former assistant commisioner of the FDA, Susan Wood, said “…these medicines’s only connection with abortion is that they prevent the need for one.”  although religious zealots see them as abortion pills, not as medicines used to prevent pregnancy.

(On a side note here please remember Hobby Lobby’s 401K plan still invests in manufacturers who make these medicines and companies that make and use drugs in medical abortions.  What hypocrites!!!)

Yesterday women as a whole joined the LGBT community in it’s 2nd class citizenship here in the US.  Women are no longer in charge of their own personal decisions in their own personal reproductive health, it’s now governed by a SCOTUS decision that will reach far and wide across America, affecting employment, insurance benefits, family planning, and equal treatment of women in all arenas.  SCOTUS said basically if an employer has a religion and you work for them, you are working under the conditional religious belief of the employer.  I ask, how can a “company” or “corporation” have an assigned religion if they are in the for-profit sector of the US economy???  Under this ruling corporations could cite (genuinely or disengenuously) “religious exemption” in refusing to serve gay clients, or denying health coverage to a multi-racial child of an employee…just for starters!

I wonder if stoning in the streets is the next protected religious ‘right’?  Hell, if the company you work for believes that their religion condones death by stoning, then watch out…YOU could be next to go!

I am of the very firm belief in the separation of church and state.  It pisses me off that even our money says “In God We Trust”.  I believe that religion has no place in politics or in government.  If you wish to live in a religious state, then ISIS is forming a new Caliphite in the middle east right now, run right over and join up!  There you will be able to live under all of the religious oppression that you can handle – probably more than you can handle!

I don’t believe that anyone’s belief in God, Muhammad, Allah or whoever you worship has any place in making laws or governing people in any country.  Religion should be protected, yes, your right to practice it and hold it dear should be a right that you have in your home, so long as you are not harming any other person or thing.  The scriptures that guide each religious belief were written in another time, long long ago and many of the beliefs are out-dated and archaic in today’s world.  Today we have things like equality, the right to life, the right to the pursuit of happiness, and the right to freedom of speech. All of which are against many Bibical writings.  Especially if you are a woman.

Now I am no political pundit, nor am I overly religious or knowledgeable about Bibical lore, but I know the basics, and I know that religion and politics have no business being mixed…pardon the pun.

What we need here in the US is total equality of all citizens.  Women, Men, no matter what color, shape, size, sexual orientation, gender presentation, or religious belief, we all need to be treated with full equality.  You would think that we had that kind of freedom and equality here to listen to the gossip of the world.  But let me assure you we do not. and yesterday’s Supreme Court decision is the prime example of how very screwed up we are as a country.  We need a new government.

Gender failures … aren’t we all?

Congratualtions to The Flannel Files on their 200th post….and how appropriate that it be about Gender and Ivan & Rae’s latest collaboration on Gender Failures. A must read for everyone about the complexity of gender presentation and walking in the Butch world.

The Flannel Files

No, 200

Greetings Flannel Files followers. If you haven’t been keeping track at home, this is the 200th post of your all-time favorite blog.  With the word “flannel” in the title.  C’mon, you know it’s true.

I’ve been racking my freshly sheared noggin trying to figure out what to write about for the big 200.

And then it hit me square in the head.


It was like I had been slocked (struck by a sock containing a lock).  (Who’s been watching too much Orange Is the New Black?  This butch.)

This butch says buy this book. This butch says buy this book.

I just finished up Gender Failure by Ivan Coyote and Rae Spoon.  Read the whole thing over the course of two days.  This is what I thought when I first started reading: Wow, someone has actually written a book just for me.  The book will make you laugh and cry and think and, if you’ve ever been…

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