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Bromance Day 2

Butch bruthas bonding day 2.

My buddy and I spent another lazy Butch day doing a lot of just laid back stuff. We went down to North Hampton State Beach for a little while with Nola….but dogs are prohibited on the beach during daytime. I had her in her service vest, and had her tag, and no one seemed bothered. We only stayed about a half hour, checked out the people, got Nola some minor beach time and then headed back this way to go to the pool for a nice refreshing dip. At the pool we found ourselves talking about life, and what women want…not that we know anything about this subject, but the video footage of us trying like hell to decipher the code was pretty funny. For those wishing to see videos of todays adventures, there are two of them on Youtube. One is the beach and pool, and the 2nd is Butch Bonding over What Women Want….truly funny. I hope everyone managed to stay cool and out of the direct sun today…Peace.

Butch Beach Bonding

What Women Want…2 Butch Perspectives…






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