So, a Butch buddy of mine was heading south out of Maine when she broke down in Kittery, the next town over.  She called me looking for some help and a temporary place to crash, of course I offered up both like a good Butch.

Today we spent the day running around together like 2 kids in a candy store. We talked about all kinds of ‘just Butch’ stuff, girls, tools, bikes, cars, trucks….oh look a fucking squirrel…..

Yeah, we both apparently have ADD and as we set out to do one thing in town we ended up doing half dozen, including visiting the auto parts store, shopping for new trucks at the garage (also looking for screws there too) and we even hit the pawn shop – MY most favorite place to shop!    It was a true day of Butch bonding and bromance….I love having a buddy around, it’s entertaining and keeps me laughing!

Duct tape & Dykes
Duct tape & Dykes
Lori working on the headlight...neither of us could figure out the clip...we eventually just taped it in.
Lori working on the headlight…neither of us could figure out the clip…we eventually just taped it in.
MainelyButch working on the headlight
MainelyButch working on the headlight
Use the blue tape dude!
Use the blue tape dude!

Author: MainelyButch

I am a pretty relaxed, proud, Butch and a native Mainer who enjoys reading, writing, blogging, vlogging and social interaction. I live in southern Maine, near the coast with my 2 small dogs and I hail from a very large, loving family that is historically rooted here. I write about my life, my experiences, living successfully with HIV, my YouTube experiences, and just about anything that piques my interest. This blog may contain profanity and sexual situations, and is not intended for younger audiences. Read at your own risk. At 54 I see life as just beginning a new chapter, and have decide this is the time that I need to write the stories that got me to this point. I believe we live our lives in chapters, changing, evolving and moving continuously with the times. I love to laugh, have discussions, debates and even the occasional nonsense conversation! I generally enjoy people, but not drama, hatred, ignorance or those who choose to feel they are somehow elite or superior to another simply due to their mere existence. I try to be very conscious of the health of the world around me - environmentally, socially, economically, and ethically. The people who are dear to me know me as having a tough exterior, filled with marshmallow and crunchy peanut butter. I continually strive to be the best I can be, especially to address life head on...always.

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