3 Minutes to Mars….Hurricane

This video may be 13 something minutes long, but it's fucking sweet as hell.


Hold Back

Stinging my brain like a million sharp needlesUnder my skin’s confinesYou rise up against meFull and warm with dripping wet desiresI fight the urges backTo just take you nowRipping against the mental confinesTo tear you apartI hold back every ounceUntil I cannot take it any longerBent, twisted thoughtsMust I take you with force and lashSwift... Continue Reading →

Acceptance of the Father

Occasionally I get emails from younger LGBT people concerning coming out, and the reactions of their immediate families. Today I got a good one. A 15 yr old who identifies as lesbian and has just come out to her mother and siblings. Problem is her father, who you can tell she has great love for... Continue Reading →

Bromance #3

...another thing Butches bond over - FOOD.  We hit up Applebee's bar yesterday and saw some dude in a wildly funny hat giving the bartender grief.  Tonight we ate at home, then went to the city for some coffee and some people watching.  The beautiful women were out by the droves...(whoever the smokin hot Brazilian... Continue Reading →

What DO Most Femmes want from Butches…?

Note: I write from a very Butch perspective, and this doesn't agree with all readers, but it's my style. Trigger warning: If you don't care for the Butch/Femme dynamic, don't read this! 🙂 What femmes want in their Butches…also known as what women want.I touched upon this subject jokingly in a recent video with a... Continue Reading →

Life Today…July 8, 2014

 "What screws us up most in life is the picture                  in our heads of how it's supposed to be."  On a more serious note...I know my blog is a little silly lately with me and my buddy Lori posting pics of us just being Butch.  The feeling... Continue Reading →

Bromance Day 2

Butch bruthas bonding day 2.My buddy and I spent another lazy Butch day doing a lot of just laid back stuff. We went down to North Hampton State Beach for a little while with Nola....but dogs are prohibited on the beach during daytime. I had her in her service vest, and had her tag, and... Continue Reading →

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