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Haunted Still by Her

Ahhh, today was a very good day! I was up at the crack of dawn, the birds just starting to stir and chirp, and the sky just beginning to become light, sun not yet above the ocean to my east.  Yes, it was 4:20 am and I was up and at it for the day.  I had fallen asleep at 10pm last night after a full day of working on the house.  I’ve been alone all week and damn it feels freaking great.  I’ve been working on reclaiming my Butch Bachelor Cave here in Maine.  Not that I didn’t care for it before, I just needed to change everything I touched to make it mine again.  Some weird Butch thing I suppose.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about the last several years…the wild times, the good times, and the bad times, and the changes in the world and the changes in ME.  There are several prominent moments that stick hard in my head and make me still ask myself WHY I did those certain things – or why I didn’t do specific other things.  I shake my head, and just admit I made mistakes, big and small, but I’m still kickin and smiling once again.  

I keep some things very very private.  I do it so as not to hurt someone any further than I already did.  But my brain works that situation over almost daily and it aggravates the crap out of me that I cannot reach out; reach back and do something differently.  They say no failure is fatal, that you admit them and correct them….I just wish I knew how to do that.  There is just this one single relationship failure that I caused a few years ago that I wish I could have the chance now to at least apologize for, for behavior that was NOT really me, and not what I wanted to really happen. Perhaps one day I will have that chance, just an exchange; a short conversation to ease my heart; to know that she doesn’t feel as I still do today.

I’m very grateful for the life i have today, and I’m relatively happy.  I enjoy my own home and my freedom to be myself tremendously.  I am thankful for the progression of the country towards more equality and justice.  I am hopeful for a bright and loving future for the world and for me as an individual.  I will continue to strive forward to make my world, the world, a better place for myself and everyone else in any way that I am able to do so.

I’m seriously enjoying the renewed bachelorhood that I have once again found.  (Much to some people’s dismay I am sure.) but being single once again is the best thing for me right now.  I need to really clear some things out of my past that keep me from giving of myself to anyone else – except one.  She knows who she is and she knows how to reach me I am sure.  And all she has to do is want to reach and I will most certainly leap at her outstretched hand in return.  Until I can either die – or in some miraculous way get over my desire for her – then I will continue to fly solo and reach for the stars in Azure skies.

Hell, in the last 6 years I have tried on three relationships for short periods of time.  I could not find a way to truly give myself over to any one of them, and they all deserved a love that I just could not give.  I tried, I did, but when the heart is truly elsewhere; is taken already, then you can’t be true in the moment to someone else.  It’s a total mental mind fuck

Those of you who read my blogs and have known me for a while may know my history and tell me to go after what it is that I am waiting for, but realize that that is not my choice; I cannot do that.  It’s been made clear to me that despite promises of never losing touch no matter what, it’s in her court to lob a ball at me if she ever wants to talk to me or contact me.  I’m not hard to find, hell my profile on Facebook is public, friend me and you get my phone number.  Plus, she knows how to find me I am positive of that.  Does she want to?  I don’t know her current situation.  Perhaps she’s found security and comfort in someone else; those are hard things to give up for love sometimes.  Especially when someone screws up the way I did, saying the wrong things at the wrong time for the wrong reasons  I just know that it holds me back from moving past her and on to another fulfilling relationship, perhaps it always will.  

Bachelorhood isn’t so bad!  And if I can’t have that real love again, then I would rather remain single anyways.  At least that way I will not be lying to anyone else.  My heart knows where it belongs.  And I can wait an eternity, even into the next life if necessary, for the return of the heart that belongs close to my own.     ~MainelyButch


3 thoughts on “Haunted Still by Her

  1. Reading your honest words was heart wrenching for me. The heart loves and wants who the heart loves and wants. I screwed up, too, and lost the love of my life. I’m trying to move on, too. A visualization I recently did might help me to do that, and I’ll share it with you. I faced two truths about myself – 1) I love her deeply and can’t imagine loving anyone as much or more and 2) I want to move on and live a happy life. So I placed my love for her in a sacred box, locked it, placed it on a shelf to stay. Honestly, I want to throw the key into the deepest ocean but haven’t done that yet. There is so much love in me that I know I will be able to love again – never the same quantity or quality, never the same. But then no two relationships ever combine the qualities of each woman in the same way as any other combination. I’ve been focusing on my own self-healing, health and spiritual growth and want to grow to feel whole again and happy on my own before I even think of another relationship. My desire is to be so happy with my own company that I don’t “need” another in my life; but might have another one day because I “want” that. Its an ongoing process…the end hasn’t yet been written…


    • Thank you for your kind and considerate reply. I appreciate your input here. I too feel that I do have a lot to offer, and I love ferociously when I am truly in love. She got my heart bad, and I screwed it up by walking away and leaving her with some very unkind words. I wish I could go back, like I said but I can’t – she even returned a letter that I wrote to her years back. My only hope is that one day she’ll wake up and say, what the heck, life only goes around once in THIS lifetime, and she’ll contact me. You are right that no two relationships are the same, and I don’t expect that. Perhaps I will get lucky and someone else will steal my heart away like she did someday. ….the end has yet to be written, as you say! 🙂

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  2. Femme Fairy Godmother says:

    May I offer a suggestion? You are, of course, perfectly free to ignore it. I realize I don’t know you well so I may be off the mark. Having said that: is it possible that you’re hesitant to be in a relationship so this woman gives you an “out”? You can’t give your heart to someone else because it’s still with her. Maybe it’s a way to protect that heart. Just something to think about.


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