I have sat down to blog several times, and also to do my vlogs on Youtube…but it seems that something new is happening just about every day lately.  Thus, writing or filming goes undone, and my notes pile up and pile up.  Yes, I am a prolific note taker for those who do not know, […]

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Passing of Storme’ DeLarvarie

The LGBTQ community has lost a legend. RIP  Storme’ DeLarverie  the legendary Drag King, “Stonewall Lesbian” as well as “The Gay Community’s Rosa Parks” Storme’ was a great historical and cultural LGBTQ icon. She passed away peacefully early Saturday morning May 24th, 2014, at age 93 in Brooklyn, NY. All of the major LGBTQ media outlets are […]

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Butch Strength

Sudden Awareness blogged “Talking Tough” and asked this question: Why do we value strength so much that it is one of the most frequently cited attributes used to define our ideal selves?   Butches are generally seen as strong.  Rough, tough and resolutely strong.  It’s been bred into us seemingly, either from our bio-parents or from […]

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Hiding Beauty

Originally posted on Broken Light Collective:
Photo taken by contributor Lakesh, a 36-year-old woman currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Her first experience with depression came through a relationship. It was filled with ups and downs, and both pockets of joy and memorable disappointments. The relationship has since ended but that experience has changed her perspective…

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Lesbian Husbandry

Originally posted on The Peace Pit:
Why does the word “husband” equal male? I take exception to this.  My husband is a woman.  She fills the traditional role of the husband in our family.  She is the bread-winner, the handyman, the protector, and the controller of the remote. She does not want to be a…

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A Great Butch Haircut

I’ve been wearing my hair in the very short crew cut style for about 6 years now and I used to complain constantly that I could not find anyone who would or could cut it the way I wanted it or do it right.  I’d try one hairdresser and she’d seem skeptical about cutting a […]

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