Things Butch-Femme

Summer is Over!

I just haven’t felt up to writing much lately.  Summer has ended, and I have started a new, part-time, job as some of you know from my Youtube vlogs.  Life has been a little hectic, getting used to a new schedule, dealing with some minor health crisis toward summer’s end and just trying to sort of “re-find” or perhaps better put – redefine – myself a little bit more.  I believe that each day we walk this physical earth that we have to learn and adapt, and change.  If we stop learning and changing then we might as well roll up the dirt and climb in for the long dirt nap.  I love learning, I love change when it’s for the better, and I generally enjoy life most days.  Yes, life here in southern Maine is good, Nola is well and I am definitely ready for some new adventures!

I sit here at a bit of a loss of what to write today.  I don’t feel anything creatively stimulating my writing brain at all.  I think I will go wash my truck and do some errands in town…perhaps I will write more later on!  You can always check my video blogs on Youtube for more updates, I seem to do a video or two a week and have a bit less struggle posting those! Ha!