Stop Blogging? Never!

I blog because I love to write; and I am a constant thinker.  I blog to release the thoughts from my brain, and to possibly have some written verification for myself that I did actually have these thoughts, issues or opinions – perhaps for future reference.  One day I hope to pull all of the wild stories of my life into one place – it’s called a book.  Perhaps I will use some of these blogs to add to that book. 

I never write to attack or hurt anyone.  I try to keep other people identities in my blog thoughts only to myself and if there is inference to someone they will always remain anonymous, or be given a false name.  I never want to outright hurt anyone.  I’m not that way, not vindictive or one who lashes out.  But sometimes when I write there may be someone who has brought the thoughts to me, or that I may refer to anonymously (as I said).  I absolutely hate it when I receive backlash from persons who believe that I am insinuating anything about THEM in any way in my blogs.  Generally my blogs are about MY experiences, how I feel, how I may have reacted to something, or are my own personal opinions formed by a lifetime of experience and my individual knowledge.

Some people refer to others in their blogs by initials, by monikers or by letters representing something such as DGF, which could mean “darling girlfriend” or “damned girlfriend” – you pick.  Maybe this is something I may even consider incorporating into my writings as well.

I hate to censor my own writings and thoughts.  I hate to do it because it’s not the representation of the true me that I want out there.  My censoring my writings I am hiding parts of myself and not being true to my readers.  Whoever they may be.  I can choose instead to blog about mundane issues, about current events or make up stories for your entertainment.  I do not think those things are why anyone reads my blogs, but I believe it’s because I tend to be honest, open and perhaps even daring in letting you catch that glimpse inside of my true thoughts.  I could choose to discontinue blogging, to avoid further fights and ridicule, but that would be allowing another to push me into doing something that I do not WANT to do.  Bullying is like that, you push people to discomfort until they either comply with your wishes or you drive them far away from you.  Either way, mission accomplished.  I won’t be bullied into quitting my blogs, vlogs, Facebook posts, or anything else in my social media universe.  I just won’t.

I should write more about what has brought me to even write this particular blog.   But I will save it for a bit and consider what I would like to say further.  In the meantime, stay tuned! 

6 thoughts on “Stop Blogging? Never!

    1. Yes, this causes even more animosity…and is not the way I truly want to blog on a regular basis. It seems when you password protect anything then some people just totally assume you ARE talking about them…smh…jeez!


  1. Well said Ang, don’t stop. If you are hitting nerves then it means your words are honest, raw, and true. Purity of thought makes for the best reading, it makes the reader feel the words. Never stop what your heart says do.


  2. Writing is also a form of personal discussion, as much as a release. We work things through in words which cannot be worked out in our minds. A thought thought is finished, writing can be added to, corrected, bettered, whatever.


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