Stop Blogging? Never!

I blog because I love to write; and I am a constant thinker.  I blog to release the thoughts from my brain, and to possibly have some written verification for myself that I did actually have these thoughts, issues or opinions – perhaps for future reference.  One day I hope to pull all of the […]

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Originally posted on singlequeergrrl:
I’m starting to wonder if the trouble with relationships isn’t simply, well, relationships.  Or, to put it another way, becoming too comfortable with another person. Right now I’m learning a new language, and even in just the first three class sessions we’ve spent a considerable amount of time talking about the difference…

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Letter to My 25 Year Old Self

Dear 25 year old me….Hey kid, you are just publically coming out to the world, and you are about to take a really rough path through life. You need to steady yourself, steel yourself against the world.  Some people aren’t going to like you, what you are or what you represent – not to speak […]

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Originally posted on ButchOnTap:
A Gentleman Doesn’t Share I’m sitting in a lesbian bar having a beer. I am alone. I only came out to retrieve my Visa that I unceremoniously abandoned here the night before. I was, as you might imagine, having a very good time. I was drinking with a friend and chatting with a…

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