American Tragedy

I admit it!  It’s become winter here in Maine, and I just despise the season.  I despise snow, ice and bitter cold weather.  It makes me irritable, cranky (maybe those are one in the same) short tempered and sleepy.  It’s the time of year that I most fight my depression issues.  Despite medications, depression can […]

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Fire and want

The smoldering fire, white hot, rages In my gut, my heart, my loins I crave to take you there Completely, unashamedly To places only you dream Of On days that end in Y Your why is never questioned You obey, you submit, you come To me, willingly, softly, fiercely Rage In my mind, in my […]

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Originally posted on Feminin1's Blog~Itz A Femme Thing:
Swiftly the edge of her spirit like a razor’s edge sliced away with a white hot fire, searing me, soul and bones, Blurring the line between love and desire, Burying  it in the weight of its stones, She gives more than I could ever require.…

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