Just some rambling….

I been having a rough couple of days to begin with then I read today that Hostess is going out of business. Now anyone who knows me knows that I survived the last year primarily on Devil Dogs, which are made by Hostess!  And to boot they made Twinkies too…yeah the stuff that is supposed to be our survival food during the nuclear holocaust.  Now we will all certainly die of starvation.  Unless we resort to eating the dreaded cockroaches, which – horrifically enough – are also predicted to survive. We are fucked. 

The Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/2012…the predicted day that “the world shall change as we know it” not the predicted end of the world, as some think.

But look at everything that has gone on over the last 5 years….from the US electing a black President (who I love by the way) , and not once but twice!  All of the women elected in the last election – 22 to the House alone!  Independents elected, medical and recreational marijuana being legalized in several states, LGBT rights being advanced beyond what I personally thought they would be at this point.  And so many other things have changed or are in the process of growth and change – especially peoples’ consciousness and awareness of the world. 

Much of this is due to technological advances, computers alone have changed the world. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs changed the world.  And people say one person can’t change the world….they need to remember all of the single-handed world changes there have been…from Jesus, to Hitler, to Ghandi to Bill and Steve…and who knows who is next in the line (I didn’t list every single person who changed things here on earth but you get the gist of the idea). 

Now, I watched a TED Talk today (yes I am serious TED addict, I admit it) and something was said that reverberated with me. 

“None of the fragments predict the whole, yet you cannot understand the whole without understanding the fragments.” 

How true this is of about everything I can think to apply it to.  It’s true of families, at least mine!   To understand my whole family you have to look at each member (each fragment) to the the whole picture!  Same with many, many other things, but I will mention just the LGBT community…to get the whole picture you need to look at the individual fragments in some way.  And LGBT people themselves should throw this thought into their own brains and think about it a while. Occasionally I encounter serious bias and hate from right within my own community for being a Butch lesbian, seems it somehow threatens other “kinds” of lesbians somehow or another.  But if we would all just stop and start to understand the fragments of the community, just imagine the enlightenment that would come.  If we could only understand each other better, maybe we will learn to work together, without the hate and fear that comes from a place of not understanding. 

Then there’s the whole middle east escalation.  I am not Jewish so I have only the typical Caucasian American without-a-clue perspective.  I see it as the never ending war of religions and holy places.  It’s gone on for hundreds of years, and I don’t understand IF there IS a solution, what it could possibly be.  I am fearful of a Fundamentalist Islamic state, one that believes in violent means to Jihad and that killing is somehow justified.  So I’m not a big Hamas fan at all.  I believe that Isreal is a legitimate state and at this point in time I don’t understand how it could not be recognized as one, as is Palestine.   I get that my own government had a hand in the creation of that state, but now it’s there, and it’s not going away anytime soon.  So, they rocket and bomb one another relentlessly.  One is much larger than the other, so you know who will eventually invade whom and that it’s most likely inevitable at this point…perhaps this is the 12-21-2012 change to come…war in the middle east.  And with Iraq backing Hamas it will definitely be a nasty, nasty war.  It will not be good for anyone, the whole world will become embroiled in the muck of that kind of war.  Thus it will change everything as we know it.  *sigh* I wish I understood it better…yes, I am doing more research, but it’s a very long and confusing conflict, I just wish that it did not have to be as it is.  Peace would be so nice for that whole area.

I realize this is more of a ramble of thoughts than a focused blog tonight.  My mind is a bit frazzled and I need some creative stimulation!  I’ve felt out of sorts the last couple of days, and I am just a bit off kilter. 

If anyone has any specific topics they would like me to address, please leave me a comment below!

P.S. My sweet girlfriend just went and got me 2 boxes of Devil Dogs…bless her Femme heart!!!

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