Men choosing for women?

Why are the prominent Republican men of this country suddenly riveted on women’s health, reproductive choices, and birth control?  It’s a very scary dynamic that is unfolding.  It’s like they have dropped back in time to a place where they think that only men can make the decisions about what women do with their bodies.  They’ve even gone as far as to decide that they know best what constitutes “legitimate rape” and what is not rape.  Personally I do not believe that MEN should have anything to do with making decisions about women’s bodies, and what they choose to do with those bodies.  Especially when it comes to reproduction, pro-creation, birth control and rape.   What is to stop men from deciding that if the MAN wants to have sex and makes the woman comply with his wishes – even if she doesn’t want to and says no – that is is NOT considered to be rape?  Hell, they could make the decision that there is no such thing as “rape” and put every woman in America in grave danger of being sexually assaulted, exploited and degraded to 2nd class citizens once again.  

WHY are men even allowed into discussions of women’s body issues and rights?  Why do they feel compelled to TELL or ORDER women about what they can and cannot do with their own bodies?  Who is governing men’s bodies?  Talk about taking Viagra off the market and men would FREAK out…guaranteed.  I don’t see a coalition of women coming together to govern men’s body rights.  Why are women under this kind of assault in this – supposedly 1st world – country???  Do they not trust that by being women that women cannot possibly govern their own bodies and reproductive choices?  They want to take those choices away, to force women to procreate because men want them to, period.  I hope that Karma gets them all, if they make governing women’s bodies an issue I hope every woman in America withholds sex from every man in America as a retaliation.  It’s the “just” thing to do.  

One thought on “Men choosing for women?

  1. I agree, the decisions about a woman’s body belong with that woman. But, I have an idea about the urge men have to control the bodies and reproduction of women. You asked “Who is governing men’s bodies?” I can tell you that doctors and consenting parents (usually mothers) are. They decide a man’s sexual experience for the rest of his life when they decide to circumcise him as an infant. Circumcision is a deep wound, a wound that shows a person that his body doesn’t belong to him and that others have control over him. I will speculate that nearly all of the men in legislature (state and federal) are likely circumcised. Perhaps their motivation to control the sexuality and reproduction of women is an unconscious effort to exert some power and control in a place they had theirs stollen.


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