General Blips


I spent today re-buying paint and then tackling painting my whole eat-in kitchen.  And I got the job done, double coated and all.  Hell, I think the clean up phase – which seemed to last forever – was harder than the actual painting.  It seems that to do something to make things look nicer, you first have to tear down the existing and make a big mess doing it, to achieve the end result of things coming together….hell, all of LIFE is like that too.  

Building my stamina back up to where I can and do work hard all day long – such as taking on the painting project today has taken me some time.  I previously didn’t have this kind of energy or ability to stay at a project as long as the whole day because of health issues, but I’ve made a great come back to being me again, and man, it feels fucking great.  Now I just need to rest up a day or so, let my muscles recover from today and I will attack the living room and get it painted before the weekend.  🙂


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