Yankee Ingenuity

I couldn’t sleep last night.  So much on my mind….like the paint that I bought and hated the colors…ugh…so I am having to ditch these two gallons and get more – but going to get sample sizes first, to make damned sure I like the color before I have them mix the gallon.  You know why they look different at home?  In Home Depot the lights are all the big, brightest possible flourescent type of fixtures, but at home we all use incandescent lighting…viola…color changes.  Someone told me today to take the color swatch over to the lighting department, right next to paints on the Home Depot store map, and look at them under the sample incandescent lights in that department —smart ass.  I should have known that…and yeah, it was a Femme who told me to do it…how does she know??? Oh, she works at HD!  LOL

And the big thing on my mind was that my laptops, both of which were older and becoming jammed up with info, pictures and videos both decided to crap out last night.  I can live without a lot of things, but I have grown quite attached to my computer!  I enjoy my online stuff, my blogging, vlogging, social networks and just cruising interesting sites such as HomeDepot.com, eh go figure!  I am an eBay and Amazon addict as well.  So both crapped, yup, dead.  

I fretted and frowned all night. Where would I get the cash for a new computer??? I wracked my brain of where I could borrow the cash and how I would arrange to pay it back, and to whom!  Then it hit me at 4am…Yankee ingenuity.  In the shed I had stored a bunch of heavy construction tools, such as a 20 lb worm drive Skilsaw, and a full Dremel set (un-used, although owned for 10 years), and other stuff that I wasn’t using and just didn’t really need to hold onto because the chance of me EVER needing those tools again is pretty damned slim.  

I got dressed at about 8am after several cups of coffee and a scouring of my house for other things I wasn’t needing or using – turned up a pair of nice speakers that were just stuffed in the closet, and a couple of unused cell phones, and a camera that I didn’t need.  Pulled it altogether, went out and loaded the tools into the truck and off I went…to visit my friend at the Hawk Shop.  Yes, that is that actual name of the shop!  

As he totaled up what he would give me to sell the items to him I spotted his line up of nice laptop computers along the far wall.  As I walked toward it a beautiful Toshiba Satellite caught my eye…heyyyyy…6 GB Ram and 750 GB hard drive….15.6″ screen…niiiice….I turned to him, with the laptop in my hands now, and said “hey, let’s just trade, dead up even.”  This is exactly why I was dumping these unneeded items, so why not just save a few dollars (of buying a brand new one, plus the hassle of waiting a week for delivery) and trade my tools for this beautiful, perfect machine that I NEEDED.

He hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, no he would give me $265 for the tools, but the computer he wanted $300 for.  He really didn’t want to budge on it.  I put it back and said “oh well, I’ll just go buy a new one for $88 more, makes sense.”  Then he changed his tune, and we haggled and ended up coming to an even-up trade tools for computer. Yay!!! I was thrilled and left happily with my new found friend.  

Moral of my story, never give up.  Where there is a will there is a way to get something done.  And if you think you can get it, you will get it.  It’s almost like I used the law of attraction in many ways. That and some plain ole natural Yankee ingenuity and smart thinking about how to get what I needed with what I had on hand to work with to get the job done.

So, I sit here tonight tapping away writing this blog on my new buddy “Shiba”…she’s sleek and fast, just my style!  (*Happy Dance* inserted here.)



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