So my new beef with the world is the packaging of food stuff for consumption by a single individual or a household of maybe two people.  It’s just NOT happening!  I am constantly chucking food into the trash can because I just cannot eat it fast enough to get through the family sized packaging before either the expiration date or the food goes just plain bad.  

I know the food industry works on a 300 to 500% mark up, and packaging sells product.They just don’t care to market directly to the growing number of smaller households in America, or what?  I would love to purchase everything in smaller, more manageable amounts for my single person household.  Oh don’t forget the dog, she gets the leftovers!

Everything from salad dressing, typically sold in 16 ounce bottles, to loafs of wheat bread, generally 22 ounces (1 lb, 6 oz.) could be drastically reduced in size, thus giving the product much more appeal to an untapped and growing market, of 1-2 person households, across America.  If I can find little jars of pickles, relish and mustard, I should be able to find smaller packages of virtually EVERY grocery product going!   Although, there is no need to downsize Devil Dogs, 8 in a package isn’t really enough anyway!

Bread stuffs are the biggest pet-peeve in my book.  Why can’t they come up with like a 1/3 sized loaf of bread?  And how about 4 hot dog rolls in a smaller package? And the same goes for hamburger rolls!  Then comes hotdogs and prepackaged meats.  If you can make a package of 8 hot dogs, you can certainly make a package of 4 of them!  And the same goes with good packaged meats, make some smaller amounts!!!  I only want 1-2 sandwiches of the same kind in a week, not 12-14!

So, if I can buy my strap-on cocks in 143 different sizes, shapes and colors I certainly should have more options in size and quantity at the freaking grocery store!  Yeah, I said it.


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