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Our Social Media Friendships

Every once in a while I hear people speak of someone irritating them or even “stalking” them via or because of the internet and one of our many and varied online social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Youtube…just to name a few of the top venues.

Trolls.  Yes, people who decide they have some weird need to become part of your life. Whether to just give your their biased opinon, tell you their problems or just become a harrassing pain in your ass.

Personally, I have always been a pretty outgoing and interactive person.  I tend to get along with just about everybody and anybody at least to a cordial degree.  I do not like being “mean” or “dismissive” of other people and dislike it when it’s done to me.  I like to treat people with due respect, courtesy and kindness, understanding that if I don’t know them, then I don’t know the path that has lead them to appear in my life  And because I don’t really know them, I have no reason to judge them, until they provide me with one – which I like to not happen.  I enjoy people; I love good conversation, the sharing of ideas and experiences. I enjoy learning new things, learning about how and why others do what they do, or walk the path they walk today – like what happened during their journey that brought them to this point; to the identity and life that they inhabit and incorporated today into every little thing that they do, from the way they cock their head and laugh out of on e side of their mouths, to what causes them to harbor different feelings, such as hate, self-consciousness, love, and what might happen to them that may change the way they view things down the road of life. Because as we all know, the only things that are guaranteed are death and change…both happen, and if you think too hard about it you realize that you are dying the moment you are born, and that change is something that is continuously happening – from moment to moment – every single breath you take changes some minute particle of you.   And as you get older, the changes come more rapidly, some inspired directly by your will and wishes, and some come out of the blue just WHAM…change.  Radical as it sounds in words it’s true as the sky is blue.  (hehe, the poet in me sneaks out periodically).

People are just sooo interesting!  Think about it.  A glob of hydrogen, oxygen, and a slew of other chemical stuff all strung together and POOF you have living, breathing, thinking human being.  Okay, so maybe it’s a little more technical than that, but you get the idea I am driving at.  We are a miraculous species, at the very least.  There is no other life form existing on this planet quite like the human being. (Good thing, because we would probably (sadly) kill it.)  This blog is so random – I just felt like writing about this tonight.   I am just pondering these thoughts, because it bothers me that I have a sort of internet inspired troll that has semi-invaded my space.  An uninvited guest – of sorts, that has decided that I personally needed to know their personal business and affairs and then – when I whole-heartedly disagreed with a very biased statement that the person (un-named and un-sexed) made to me via a cellular phone text message – this person turned nasty at me,  just for sticking up for myself and my friends who were affronted in the ridiculous, hateful statement.  So I made an internet enemy, of sorts, without ever even “meeting” the person!  Amazing the way that technology takes over EVERYTHING today!  I never erased any of the messages, so I have a complete ongoing kind of log of the entire rant on my cell phone!  I know, I should erase it, but I will back it up to the computer just as a reminder of how people can invade your space, univited, anytime that they wish via today’s ever-advancing technology and expertise.

Now, I have met and made some very, very cool people because of social media venues as well.  And they far outnumber this one particular invader by hundreds.  I have made some specifically close friends, had some romantic trysts and even found true love once via the internet.  I am in no way against this very fun activity of social interaction in these coffee shops of the 21st century!  In the 80’s we had the club scene, and if you were cool you were a club kid and that’s how you met people.  In the 2000’s we’ve moved beyond the physical realm of shaking hands and head nods,  to friending people on Facebook and subscribing to their channels on Youtube.  Viewing their photos in Photobucket and Tumblr, staying intimately connected on a moment by moment basis by Twitter and it goes on and on…I am sure as you think about this in relation to your own experience you will see exactly what I mean.  And I am willing to place a hefty wager on knowing that you have also made friends via one or more of the above mentioned avenues – am I correct?  Yes, you know I am.

Yes, I love my Facebook friends, and my Youtube viewers alike.  I have built a kind of “personality” online, with my video making and goofiness.  It’s pretty darned obvious that I am a people person; that I like to chat and entertain anyone who will listen, look and interact with me.  I try to avoid any kind of drama, hatefulness, bigotry and just plain rude people online – and in real face-to-face, everyday, life too!  It’s just a downer and doesn’t need to be part of anyone’s life.  So I avoid it like the plague.  (Cliche’! lol)

I super enjoy when I get to face-to-face meet one of my Facebook friends or Youtube viewers, whom I have befriended to the point of really wanting to meet them, sit and have coffee and put a good start on a possibly great new friendship. I have had the opportunity several times, and have even found love and romance via online avenues.  Yes, in truth I do love our new world of social media.  I just try to be safe and to keep it real. I never try to be anyone I am not, and I never want to be seen as portraying myself in an un-clear light at all.  I’m honest to a fault, and I will stay that way, it’s just my way!

So, in ending this long post of insanity, lol, let’s just say that I am in hopes that this troll I seem to have acquired will fade into the black.  Just go away. I don’t want to be mean or nasty back, and will avoid it if possible. But i will also stand up for myself and protect myself to whatever degree I deem necessary at any given moment.  I don’t mean a physical ass whoopin, but I’ll take steps to keep myself troll-free and continue to maintain my online presence without threat.

Thanks for reading!  Rock on!!!


2 thoughts on “Our Social Media Friendships”

  1. Hello,
    I started following you on youtube by mere chance, looking up some butch femme stuff. Then while doing my own blog here, found you again merely by chance (if there really is such a thing). Your musings are insightful at times and downright funny at others, and this one hit home. The thing is no matter how much we blog, vlog or post it is the Ethernet of the internet, and it is impersonal until we touch or meet that person.
    This person has touched you in a negative way assaulting your very right to identify as who you wish to be identified as. I get that as a Femme we have the same issue. However and you could feel that coming I’m sure (chuckles), they (this troll) aren’t real! They are not part of your daily life, and they don’t have to eat up space in your brain unless you let them. So this troll can fade into the black if you let them. You see here is my take; for every hundred people in agreement with you there is bound to be 1 to disagree those are great odds.(and here is another cliché ‘Tho thinks tho do protest too much) I find that, that much opposition implies they are fighting against their own inclinations.
    So keep up the good work. You have encouraged me to do the same. While your blog is more mundane on daily issues (which I am aiming towards it shows the world how absolutely “normal” we are) and your YouTube is great, my YouTube is aimed at my family for now, and Blogs promoting Femme as a REAL IDENTITY WITHIN THE LGBTBF COMMUNITY, you inspire me to just get out there and’ do it!’ (cliche )
    Sorry for the lengthy ramble hope you don’t mind.
    Take care stay warm in Maine and New Hampshire and don’t look for trolls that aren’t there!


    Your Ethereal Internet Acquaintance (maybe someday friend)
    Dayowl13 (Janet)

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