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During the month of July, 2010, I did a video blog – or a vlog – called “Lesbian Dating Application” which was very funny, but serious too as it laid out all of the things that would and would not work in a relationship for me. Here I would like to revise that previous performance,... Continue Reading →


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In transferring files from another computer I am encountering writing that I have done in the past and will be posting, to keep them where I am hoping that they will not be lost should another computer glitch happen.  So if some of my posts seem to be out of time-sync please understand that some... Continue Reading →


You sense I’m coming roundLately, nowhere to be foundBut my steps coming nearAnd only your ears shall hearAs I knock upon your doorFeet floating across the floorYou answer in a gown so whiteVisions of power at midnightLet me in to be with youErasing your mood so blueLet me take you into my armsAnd work my... Continue Reading →

More on My Personalized Butch Template

More great things I did not include in the last blog about the"Butch Visibility" stuff.  These are just  sort of some of the things incorporated into my own Butch Template, they feel engrained, sort of like they are just THERE and I can't explain why; but they are  reasons and nuances of my own Butch-hood...the... Continue Reading →

So I wrote this long and very cool blog post yesturday...wordpress used to auto save your drafts, what happened to that feature???  I am going to attempt to recreate it today...ugh....I wanna scream!!! ( A very Butch scream that is.)

Have you ever received a little note, tucked into your lunch or the pocket of your jacket?  Maybe attached to an article you wrote for your local paper?  A note that said "great job, I am proud of you" or something of similar praise?How did that note make you feel?  Did you smile and feel... Continue Reading →

Regarding our local school district (Maine SAD 35) purchasing supplies via a "bid system" online.Dear Editor,I read the article about South Berwick/Eliot’s school District (SAD 35) saving $100K via a “best bid” purchasing program.  I am all for saving money, but as a citizen of the area, and a local tax payer,  I would like... Continue Reading →

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