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Twist of Events

Seems odd that my last blog was about my love of animals, and then this one is about my accidentally killing the neighbor’s pug dog on Friday.  I am still grief stricken.  It’s a horrible, horrible feeling to have this on my life’s record.

It was an accident.  I had pulled out of my driveway, and gone about 50 feet in total, maybe 5-10 mph at most.  Then I felt the thump under my back tire, and heard his cry.  I slammed on the brakes and leaped from the truck (I drive an S-10), and ran to him.  He was standing, and went up to his house’s stairs.  A person appeared in the backyard…she was supposed to have been watching him I later found out.  He was frightened and looked at me with his big brown eyes, I will never forget his look; those eyes.  Never.  He had waited til I was almost past, and run underneath the rear passenger side wheel.  He never should have been loose, and generally was always tied up!

His people came running out, and his man lifted him into the house, I told them I never saw him, and was so sorry.  They took him inside and I left on my journey to the doctor’s office.

I returned 40 minutes later and went straight to his house.  I knocked, they eventually came to the door and his lady, Cindy, looked at me and said “he died”…I dropped to the deck on my knees and just screamed NO!!!  I felt so fucking small, so horrible.  I could not believe it.  But I did feel that wheel roll right over his back end, and although he showed no visible signs of serious injury, I urged them to take him to the vet’s.  They waited and said they put him outback and a few minutes later found him throwing up blood and he expired.  Evidently internal injuries were present.  And God took his little soul over the Rainbow Bridge.

I cry as I write this.  It breaks my heart to the core.  Yeah, wimpy Butch, but so soft hearted I am.  I would do anything to undo this awful incident.  Anything.  But all I can do is pray and hope that this never happens again.  I am so sorry….rest in peace my little black pug friend…I don’t even know your name.  I am so sorry.


1 thought on “Twist of Events”

  1. Oh man…that so sucks. Sorry Angie as I know you never, ever would intentionally hurt an animal. The owners are to blame for this. I have never let any of my pets out of my sight while outdoors and have always made sure our fence and gate is 100% secure…it’s not a difficult thing to do and always surprises me when pet owners don’t take the extra step to protect their animals. People in this world are disappointing.

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