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My Love of Animals

I am a sap.  I watch “Animal Cops: Houston” and cry regularly.  Inhumane treatment of animals or children will evoke tears from me in a second.  I have always been an animal lover, caregiver and advocate.  My wonderful, loving mother passed this trait on to me, and taught me from a very young age that treating animals properly is the job of every human.  As a child I rescued injured or abandoned baby wild animals, birds, squirrels, and the such.  I made them well if I could and released them back to the wild.  If they died, I properly buried them and sent them over the Rainbow Bridge as well as I could.  Yes, I love all animals.  

It’ makes me sad that there is even the need for shows like Animal Cops…that there is such cruelty and neglect and outright criminal contempt for some animals in this world.  The Houston TX SPCA alone saves 40,000 animals a year, on a budge reliant upon individual donations alone.  It’s an amazing thing that they do, and they do it with such bravery, courage and compassion.  I wish I had a million dollars just to send to them to help them continue.  

I watch the show, and remind Nola how very very lucky she is that I found her in the cardboard box in New Orleans 4 years ago on the coming 31st of July. She lives the life of a very spoiled, much loved little dog now and will until the end.  I love that dog without end.  She was a gift to my life at a time that I so needed her that it wasn’t funny.  And there she was, needing me right back.  Thank you God.  

I have always been around animals and just love the unconditional love and trust that they give to me.  I used to have horses, goats, chickens, cats, and even a very large and nasty iguana at one time (a rescue).  I realize that at this point in my life, right now, I am not in a position to have large animals anymore, but I can give the best home and care possible to Nola and perhaps even foster another small dog or cat.  I also realize that the interactions that I have with animals is important to me; to who I am in this world.  So I have sent an email to two local rescue organizations offering foster care as I am able to do so for them.  

I hope if you see a situation of neglect, abuse or mistreatment that you will get involved, even an anonymous phone call to your local police department could mean the difference between life and certain death to some helpless animal.  Often people are afraid to “get involved” and that attitude needs to stop.  GET INVOLVED.  Step up, step in and do what the animal can not do – call someone for help on the phone, let someone who cares and CAN help do so!  

The current economic crisis in the country is not helping animal welfare one bit.  It’s become expensive to have animals – particularly larger animals such as horses and the such.  If you have an animal and find that you are starting to slack on feed or care because of the rising costs, just do the right thing – reach out for help.  There is no shame in asking for help, or even in surrendering an animal to a humane organization because you are suddenly unemployed and cannot care for the animal any longer…NO SHAME…because the right thing to do is ask for help, consider the animal’s well-being and be the grown up person who does the right thing.  Sometimes the right thing and the hardest things are one in the same, as sad as it is, but please, always do that right thing!  Because, in the long run, you will be happier knowing you did what you had to do than you would be in watching an animal slowly deteriorate from lack of proper nutrition or care.  Don’t have regrets.  Plus, there are people like me out here who want to help, who CAN help and who are dying to do so!  

If you are in a bad situation regarding an animal, write to me, call me, or someone who can help!  I will do everything in my power to find someone near you who will help you, and the animal. 


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