Like I do…

We’ve all been there, that spot where you are SO angry that you say things to your lover – oh wait TODAY she’s your EX-“lover” because you split up yesterday – that you will eventually come to either regret saying or that you will not believe you actually said to her!  


“NO ONE could EVER love you like I do!”
“No one else could give you what you NEED like I do!”
“No one will put up with your whinny ass like I do!!!”
“Go ahead, try to find someone who loves you like I do!”
“I am the BEST thing that EVER happened to you, you will regret losing me!”
         (even tho she’s the one who let YOU go)
“She could NEVER love you like I do!”
“Who will every understand you like I do?”
“No one will ever find you as attractive/pretty/beautiful like I do!”
“No one will ever give you the things you like like I do!”
…and the list of these “like I do’s” can go on virtually indefinitely…culminating with
“No ONE can make an ass out of them selves like I do!”
No, you are right, no one can do it like you do.  And perhaps it is because you do things like you do that we are no longer together!  Perhaps I need to step out into the world and do things LIKE I DO for a change!
Any good “like I do” stories out there?  I bet you can add to my list for sure!

One thought on “Like I do…

  1. Oh I can relate to this. Mentally I phrased things a little differently with the ex, so in my case it was:

    “GOOD LUCK finding someone who is [insert attribute here] LIKE I AM”

    But the fact that he rejected me was just a reminder that what he thought he wanted (me) wasn’t what he actually wanted (which is?).

    For now, he is still a fantasist. No one will make the fireworks go off in his head the way he wants them to.

    I suspect that eventually he will get tired of chasing unicorns and change himself instead.


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