My Love of Animals

I am a sap.  I watch "Animal Cops: Houston" and cry regularly.  Inhumane treatment of animals or children will evoke tears from me in a second.  I have always been an animal lover, caregiver and advocate.  My wonderful, loving mother passed this trait on to me, and taught me from a very young age that... Continue Reading →


“Daddy” and Children in Lesbian Relationships

I did a video at the request of a dear friend today, it addresses my thoughts and views on children calling one of the women in a lesbian relationship "Daddy", as in being expected to view that woman as the "Daddy" in the situation, and attaching all of the meaning of that word to that... Continue Reading →

Optimism Dashed..

Note:  If you are a newer reader/viewer quick update:  I am an HIV+ Lesbian, due to IV drug use in my 20's.  I have lived with this diagnosis for almost 20 years now, and probably was infected 23 years ago, during my last active using time. I have lived with this issue very successfully, happily... Continue Reading →

Not Anymore

I fight some serious depression in my world.  I don't know really when it started or when it will go the fuck away.  But the fact is that it's part of what I continually deal with and I absolutely hate it.  I wish like hell I could wake up one morning, not feeling depressed and... Continue Reading →

Like I do…

We've all been there, that spot where you are SO angry that you say things to your lover - oh wait TODAY she's your EX-"lover" because you split up yesterday - that you will eventually come to either regret saying or that you will not believe you actually said to her!   Like.... "NO ONE... Continue Reading →

It seems, unfortunately in 2012 that being comfortable in just being who you are, and allowing others to do that same thing, not policing them in return - even when they do it to you - has just become the sort of "norm" way of thinking inside of the LGBTQ  community   I am saddened... Continue Reading →

This may come off as a totally looney-bin admitting kind of post - but please don't send the phyche squad just yet!  It's a bit "out there" but I believe that I can tie this all together in the end...if there is one! Life feels different to me as of late.  I feel like something inside of... Continue Reading →

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