Gender Fucked

I am so tired of meeting great women who live fucking a zillion miles away. WTF? Why can’t I get lucky enough to find a decent woman who would be interested in me here in southern Maine?  Where the hell are they all anyway?  In the south or south-west from what I am noticing.  All the more reason to really consider the wintering at the compound in Austin that much more in my book.  smh…whatever.

I went out today, had to go to the grocery store first…and the fact that I got a haircut over the weekend must have contributed to the fact that everyone who excused themselves to get by me, or who knocked into me (yeah it’s a busy store) said the same thing, “sorry, sir.”  To which I chuckled, smiled and said sure.  I don’t think any one of them knew; yeah I’m just that fucking Butch.  Sure, secretly I covet the fact I can pass easily on most days.  Until they notice the lack of facial hair, or that I am not that big of a guy.  

Even at the basin, where I took Nola to run and play along the Piscataqua River, a beautiful tidal river, strongest current on the east coast even, a woman with a puppy that Nola was barking at sweetly told Nola that “daddy is calling you, Nola”.  She obviously got the dog’s name from hearing me threaten to kill it in public if she didn’t stop her stupid barking.  I stood and had a conversation with the woman, I could see the realization come to her face after a brief exchange, and she got extra nice.  Telling me to come down more often, that she was often there with her dog. Straight girl wants to play.  

Another of my strange attractions; straight chicks, they love me; orbiting like  fucking moons to planets.  In my younger days I took full advantage of this, you can bet your sweet ass.  Straight bartenders were a particular delicacy, and some very hot ones at that.  More than one night I drank for free, fucked til dawn, kissed her on the cheek and sent her home to hubby.  Today, I am a bit older, and far smarter than to get involved in that scene again.  But damn it was some fun times back then.  Today I smile, maybe wink at them to get the thought entrenched a bit deeper in her brain, just for fun and cuz I am like that…yeah, the old “think about it like that” wink, and move on my way,  I’m bad, I know.  

Downtown, having coffee and trying to make Nola act like she was a normal dog – I know, a bit much to ask, but I did try – even had it’s interesting moments.  A transwoman passed me and I got the all knowing “look”…which I exchanged with a tiny bit of glee.  I love this place.  Downtown today reminded me how sweet it is in the summer; the diversity of people, all kinds, types, sizes, and looks.  There was a young fellow playing flute on the corner near the Atheaum, and tons of people milling about the outdoor cafe where I got coffee.  Nola only barked at one other dog, then seemed to “get it” for a minute that there are other dogs and none of them are barking.  I happily sat in the square and listened to all the chatter, until a guy on a bicycle stopped and asked me “you got the time, dude?”  I looked across the street at the big fucking clock on the church steeple, “Yeah, 12:30, dude“.  On the way back to my truck a very attractive Asian woman stopped short to let Nola and I pass, I could feel her eyes on me checking me out up and down, and I knew she couldn’t figure me out at first…yup, some people just don’t get me.  I understand; and I am fine with it.  The “world” doesn’t have to get me, just those I care about the most.  I’m good with that.

5 thoughts on “Gender Fucked

  1. Hello MainelyButch, I like your youtube channel. I stumbled upon it after watching kamari aka lyrikalboi. Anyways long story short, I am glad to have found your channel, you and I share the same views. It is nice to know I am not alone, I am 30 years old and I came out when I was 15 it wasn’t easy. My mother supports me and I have a friend that supports me as well, but that is about it. Actually “support” is the wrong word, I would say “tolerate me” well that is much better. I live down here in Florida, I am originally from California. Long story…..hahaha anyways I run into some similar issues as you each and everyday. All I can do is take it one day at a time. I was in a 5 year relationship and when she left me, my world came crashing down. I have done some dating here and there, but no one ever wants to stick around. The world is becoming just one big giant fling. That is what it seems.I feel as though I will be alone forever.I don’t get it I have most of the essentials wtf am I doing wrong?? I am not into the bar or club scene,maybe that is my problem. I never was, I can be somewhat shy, but once I get to know someone I dont shut up hahaha I will tell you straight girls tease me all the time and the minute I make a move they run! I fell in love with one, she accepted my gifts and trips, but when i told her I had feelings for her she just ran and left me in the dust. My self esteem is low to begin with, my father abused me and my mother growing up and believe it or not he still does. Verbally and mentally. i never wanted to be like him,nor could I care if he ever accepted me. I once told him I was a better “Man” then he would ever be and he knocked me across the room for it. Now the physical abuse has ceased only because I fight back. But the verbal hurts just as bad. No matter what happens, I just would like to be loved one day by a beautiful woman, I would treat her nice and give her anything I could. I just hope they could understand my home background and help me move on. I haven’t had any sleep since my relationship ended with my girlfriend. I loved her so much, but her family and workplace tore us apart. She drove off and never came back for me. Well I close for now. Thank you MainelyB. for being here in cyber world and reminding people like me that I am not alone.I wish you the best and happiness. And I wish Nola happiness as well. Your Friend in Florida-Cal


    1. It’s great to hear from you Cal! I hope you are alright, some of your comment worries me for you. Can’t you get out of there and find a safe place? I bet you will eventually find that “beautiful woman” one day, just keep her in your head and heart and eventually she will materialize. I am trying to do that very same thing. It’s a bitch being alone, but evidently this is what we both are supposed to be doing at the present moment, or divine guidance would have us doing differently, I believe. I keep my mind and heart open, when she’s ready I am sure she’ll saunter in and rock my world. Let’s stay in touch, ok? Hit me on my Facebook, search AngLawrence or MainelyButch: Butch Perspectives for my fan page. Walk tall. MB


  2. I am guessing that the “Downtown” you were referring to is downtown Portsmouth. If so I’ve always enjoyed spending time there. if I ever struck it rich, it’s one of the places I’d probably want to live. Not in the suburbs, but somewhere right in the heart of downtown.


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